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  • Beatenberg

    Located high above Lake Thun, this sun terrace offers a unique panorama of the Alpine peaks of the Bernese Oberland including the famous threesome, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Away from the main tourist streams, the village is particularly popular with nature-lovers and families.
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  • Marthalen

    Located at the heart of Zurich's wine country, the pretty village of Marthalen is known for its intact townscape and most attractive red and white half-timbered houses. Particularly impressive houses are the "Untere" and "Obere Hirschen", the "Alte Wirtshaus” tavern and "Schutzenhaus".
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  • リッド

    A community of ten villages close to Grand Saint Bernard, Liddes boasts a vast, mountainous landscape and a huge variety of hiking trails and sites.
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  • Spiez

    Nestled between hills and vineyards and dominated by a magnificent castle, Spiez on Lake Thun is an inviting destination indeed.
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  • ヴィラール・スル・オロン

    言語:フランス語/カントン:ヴォー(VD)/標高:1253m 南側に面してテラス状になっており、名峰モンブランを含むフレンチアルプスやレマン湖が一望できる絶好のロケーション。少し下に位置するグリヨン Gryonとともに、伝統的な木造シャレーが点在する素朴な山里です。またヴィラールは資産家の子女が通う名門私立寄宿学校や著名人の別荘が多くあるため、世界中のセレブがひそかに訪れるリゾートとしても有名。ヴォー州アルプスを代表するマウンテンリゾートで、夏のハイキングやゴルフ、冬のスキー、スノーボードなど、1年を通してさまざまなアクティビティが楽しめます。
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  • エルム

    The peaceful holiday region of Elm / Sernftal is surrounded by the mountain scenery of the Glarus peaks. The Tschingelhörner and Martin’s Hole are natural monuments of national significance. Twice a year, the sun shines directly through the 16-metre hole in the rocks on to the church tower of Elm.
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  • Wilderswil

    The small resort villages of Wilderswil and Gsteigwiler are situated in the immediate vicinity of Interlaken. They are the ideal starting points for excursions to the highlights of the Bernese Oberland.
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  • マイエンフェルト Maienfeld

    言語:ドイツ語/カントン:グラウビュンデン(GR)/標高:504m 世界的に知られる名作『ハイディ(ハイジ)』の舞台となった村。先史時代からの歴史を誇り、ローマ街道の拠点でもありました。美しい葡萄畑が広がる高品質なワインの産地でもあり、隣接するイエニンス、マランス、フレッシュとあわせてビュンドナー・ヘアシャフト地区と呼ばれています。
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  • ミューテン山周辺

    Located in the heart of Central Switzerland, between Schwyz and Einsiedeln, the Mythenregion may be quickly and easily reached from all directions. From Zürich in about 45 minutes and from Lucerne/Zug in 30 minutes.
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  • Laax

    With 235 kilometres of pistes stretching across 100+ square kilometres of snow-assured slopes around the 'Crap Sogn Gion', the ski region of the Flims, Laax and Falera resorts constitutes one of Switzerland's very large, connected winter sports regions. In summer, Flims Laax Falera becomes one enormous outdoor 'playground' for active guests.
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  • カリ

    Carì is situated on the southern slope of the Leventina Valley above Faido at 1,650m above sea level: an ideal place for sports and nature enthusiasts.
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  • Altstätten SG

    Altstätten is situated in the Rhine Valley of St. Gallen, at the foot of the hills of the Appenzellerland. As a market town with a long tradition, it boasts one of the loveliest historical town centres in Eastern Switzerland.
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  • シルス(エンガディン)

    オーバーエンガディン地方にあり、ユリア峠とマローヤ峠の間、シルヴァプラーナ湖とシルス湖に挟まれた村。湖をはさみバゼリア BaselgiaとマリアMariaという3つの地区に分かれています。その神秘的な美しさに、多くの芸術家や思想家が魅了された土地として知られています。
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  • Moudon

    言語:フランス語/カントン:ヴォー(VD)/標高:514 m 豊かな緑に囲まれた谷にたたずむ小さな町。ケルト、ローマ時代にも要所であった歴史は古く、ツェーリンゲン家によって中世都市の礎が築かれたと考えられています。13世紀からはサヴォイア家の支配のもと、ヴォー州の中心地として発展。現在は上下に分かれた2つの地区に、13世紀ゴシック建築の教会、塔や泉、由緒ある邸宅など、昔の街並が残されています。ブロワ川沿いに12世紀の塔から古い家々が続く情景も印象的です。
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  • Brig

    The town of Brig with its historic old quarter and the Stockalper Palace lies in the sunny Upper Valais at the foot of the Simplon Pass. Situated at an important junction, Brig is an ideal starting point for excursions. It is close to hiking and ski regions on the Lötschberg and Simplon, and in the Aletsch. It also has its own thermal baths, making it an attractive holiday resort.
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  • エルレンバッハ

    The fine farming village and service centre of Erlenbach is nestled among the delightful Simmental landscape in the foothills of the Alps at the feet of the Stockhorn, from where you can enjoy an impressive view of 200 mountain peaks.
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  • Gandria

    The Border Town and the Smugglers. The little village of Gandria lies at the foot of Monte Brè, on the shores of Lake Lugano. It has a very nostalgic atmosphere, having remained unchanged for about 100 years. The Swiss Customs and Smuggler Museum, which is located on the opposite shore of the lake, can be reached by lakeboat.
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  • Brigerbad

    Brigerbad and its surroundings offer a wide variety of activities for hiking enthusiasts. The village is situated at the south ramp of the Lötschberg railway and connects directly with the BLS high trail.
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  • Gersau

    Gersau occupies a romantic location on the southern slopes of the Rigi by Lake Lucerne, on what is sometimes called the "Riviera of Central Switzerland". High above Gersau is the Rigi-Scheidegg area, both a paradise for walkers and a small winter sports area, with excellent views.
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  • La Chaux-de-Fonds

    言語:フランス語/カントン:ヌーシャテル(NE)/標高:992m スイス北西部、ジュラ山脈の麓のフランス国境近くに位置する小さな町は、フランス語圏で3位の人口規模を誇る都市でもあります。世界遺産に認定されているスイス時計産業の中心地で、世界的な建築家ル・コルビュジェの生地としても知られています。
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  • Mürren

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  • ベルギューン/ブラヴォーン

    言語:ロマンシュ語(ドイツ語)/ロマンシュ語名:ブラヴォーン カントン:グラウビュンデン(GR)/標高:1372m 山々に囲まれたアルブラ谷の中心地にあり、のどかな牧草地が広がる伝統的なアルプスの山里。エンガディン地方の入口ともなるアルブラ峠の麓にあり、ロマンシュ語の伝統が残る地方ですが、壁画の美しい家や地名など、峠の反対側にあるエンガディン地方の影響も受けています。2008年に「レーティッシュ鉄道アルブラ線/ベルニナ線と周辺の景観」として、村を含む鉄道沿線が世界文化遺産に登録されました。
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  • Engadin Scuol Zernez

    Lower Engadine guarantees restorative relaxation during your active vacations . With the holiday resorts of Scuol, Valsot and Zernez, its picturesque mountain villages and the Swiss National Park, hiking, biking, rafting and nature adventures await. Many pass crossings enable discovery trips into neighboring valleys and countries.
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  • Vissoie

    You will become a regular visitor to this typical, middle-altitude mountain village where you meet people at all times of the year.
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  • Vionnaz

    This town counts some 1'670 inhabitants and is spread over 2'099 hectares. It is built on the alluvial cone of the Greffaz River, but also climbs into the surrounding mountains.
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  • Soglio

    言語:イタリア語/カントン:グラウビュンデン(GR)/標高:1090m マローヤ峠からイタリアのキアヴェンナまで約1500mの標高差を下りながらのびるブレガリア谷の奥。少し高台にあるかわいい村は、セガンティーニやヘッセ、リルケなどが愛した美しい隠れ里です。険しい山々と緑あざやかな牧草地の間に石の屋根と煙突が特徴的な家々が並ぶ小さな村は歩いて約10分でまわれるほどコンパクト。現在ホテル・レストランになっている「パラッツォ・サリスPalazzo Salis」は、17世紀頃の装飾が残る貴重な歴史遺産で、各国から植物を集めてきたといわれる庭園でも知られています。
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  • Murten / Morat

    The little medieval town of Murten on the south-east bank of the lake of the same name has preserved its original appearance, with the picturesque alleyways of the Old Town and the pleasant shady arcades. Situated on the language border between French and German, the town has a lovely lakeside promenade and offers a wide range of water sports, cultural activities and other excursions.
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  • アルトドルフ

    Altdorf, Uri’s main town with its famous monument to William Tell, is located in the Lower Reuss Valley, south of Lake Lucerne. It is an ideal starting point for excursions to the Uri vacation region, which has many attractive offerings.
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  • Saas-Almagell

    Saas-Almagell is the “Mountain Village Pearl”. Up high where the air is clear, it offers cosy hospitality and breathtaking mountain scenery. A holiday here will get you away from the hustle and bustle but you won’t be bored for a second.
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  • Schwyz

    言語:ドイツ語 | カントン:シュヴィーツ州 (SZ) | 標高:516m アルプスのミーテン山麓にあるかわいい村は、1291年にスイス連邦誕生の礎となる同盟を結んだ3原州のひとつで、ドイツ語の国名である「シュヴァイツSchweiz」の語源となったシュヴィーツ州の州都。連邦文書館には同盟誓約書など建国にまつわる貴重な資料が保存されています。
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  • メンドリジオット

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  • Brissago

    Lying at the lowest point in Switzerland, just 197 metres above sea level, and perched between the shores of Lake Maggiore and the steep mountains behind, Brissago is a small town on the Italian frontier. The lowest and oldest part of the village is clustered around the beautiful Renaissance church of St. Peter and Paul, surrounded by centuries-old cypresses.
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  • Zinal

    The Valais holiday resort of Zinal is situated at an altitude of 1670 m at the end of the Val d'Anniviers (Eifischtal) where it becomes the Zinal Valley. It nestles amidst this majestic mountain landscape crowned by the 4000-metre-peaks of the Weisshorn,Bishorn, Zinalrothorn, Obergabelhorn, Matterhorn and Dent Blanche.
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  • オルテン

    The small town of Olten lies between Solothurn and Aarau at the southern foot of the Jura on the river Aare. Thanks to its central location in the Swiss Mittelland, the town is a popular venue for conventions and meetings. The unspoiled nature of the nearby Jura heights however also makes the area an attractive leisure region.
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  • アッペンツェル

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