The “ZAPF! Craft Beer Festival Bern” is the place to be for all beer fans. Beer producers from the city and region of Bern will introduce visitors to the diverse world of local artisan brewing at this open-air event.

For the second time, the “ZAPF! Craft Beer Festival Bern” will bring together beer lovers and beer makers at the “Warmbächli-Brache” festival grounds. Brewers from the city and region of Bern will be offering samples of their concoctions, explaining the background of their handiwork and drawing beer like there’s no tomorrow.

In addition to the numerous types of beer on tap, the food stands will also serve up culinary highlights, turning the event on the festival grounds in Bern’s Holligen district into a satisfyingly complete open-air experience for all visitors.

Started in 2017 by five beer-loving friends, the festival aims to introduce hops fans to top-quality yet still unknown beers from the region. Under an open sky and with a balmy summer breeze, “ZAPF!” fulfills all your beery dreams and promotes the regional art of brewing.

A helpful tip: As part of an eco-friendly effort, all of the beer will be served in the official “ZAPF!” festival glasses. A glass is included with admission (don’t lose your token!). Only cash is accepted at the food stands.

Event Information

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Contact address
Mario Bernhard
Verein ZAPF!
Kasernenstrasse 11e
3013 Bern
Location Brache Warmbächli
Warmbächliweg 2
3008 Bern
Event Homepage www.zapf.beer
10.- / 15.-
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