로잔은 매년 롤러 스케이트 시합이 열리는 곳이며, 스케이트 공원은 방문객들에게 항상 개방되어 있다.

The Skate Park is conveniently situated in the middle of Lausanne and is completely dedicated to all the different types of riders that come here, who can make use of the following equipment:
- Indoor 'street' area: with a surface area measuring 500 square metres, there are plenty of obstacles to tackle, including fun-boxes, quarters, handrails and curves.
- Outdoor 'street' area
- Half-pipe: 3 metres high, 3 metres wide and 6 metres long.
- Mini-pipe: 2 metres high, 2 metres wide and 5 metres long.
- Bowl: 360 square metres of pure pleasure!

How to get there:
By car: take the motorway and exit at Lausanne Sud. At the Maladière roundabout take Avenue de Montoie and at the lights take the road for Sévelin. At the second set of lights turn left onto Avenue Sévelin and take the first turning on the right, just after the Tamoil service station.
By public transport: take the west metro line to Vigie, or bus line 4 alighting at Cécil.

일반 정보

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소요 시간
2~4 시간 (반일)
적정 어린이 연령
10~13세, 14세 이상
적정 이용자
어린이, 가족
도시, 액티브



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