Kim and John's wedding at Villa Honegg



In 2016, Kim and John spontaneously decided to say “I do” in a typically Swiss setting. This was to be the highlight of a trip travelling around Europe for several weeks. Mountains, a lake and the two of them to share this special moment. It was even more magical than they could possibly have imagined.

In October 2016, the big day arrived. In a white dress and smart suit, the bride and groom were joined in the restaurant of Villa Honegg Hotel by photographer Stefan Hellberg and MissionLove wedding officiant Manuela. After a glass of white wine, the couple were ready to make their loving commitment to a life together as they stepped hand in hand onto the large meadow in front of the hotel. Spectacular views of Lake Lucerne and the mountains were the perfect backdrop for the ceremony. It was a magical autumn day. There they stood, and just as Manuela was about to start speaking, a herd of cows returning to their shed almost seemed to ring in this unforgettable and momentous occasion with the bells around their necks. For Kim and John, who were visiting Switzerland for the first time, it was quite simply perfect. And this what they had to say afterwards: “Thank you for your help in celebrating our wedding day! What you organised was exactly what we wanted. Our ceremony was so special and personal. The poem was also truly beautiful. It expressed so many of our thoughts and emotions. It was as if you had been reading our minds! Thank you for all that you did for us. Manuela and Stefan were simply incredible! 

  • 2 Number of participants
  • October 2016 Date
  • United States Origin of the couple