1886년부터 칭찬이 자자한 브랜드다.

Famous Hero products are known and loved by young and old. But what is it that makes them so successful, and why is Hero one of Switzerland’s most trusted brands to this day? Learn more about the Hero success story.

Back then - 1886:
Carefully conserving fruits and vegetables for year-round consumption – that was the business concept behind the founding of Hero. Households of the period wanted a sensibly priced product that saved time on cooking: jams and beans came first, while ravioli and rösti were added to the range later. This is a success story that spans more than 130 years, which began in Lenzburg, Aargau.

Hero is an international company and continues to be based in the heart of Switzerland. As it was in the beginning, Hero is inspired by the notion of ”preserving nature’s goodness” and processing the diverse assortment of jams, rösti, vegetables or ravioli – through to babyfood – as carefully as possible. The aim is to use natural ingredients that are as untouched as possible, and thus contribute to balanced, healthy nutrition.

...of the array of Hero jams:
...of the popular classic Hero products (e.g. ravioli and rösti):
...of the endearing Hero products for babies:

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