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The Schwyberg trail is a haven of serenity. Today, peace and calm have returned to a place where winter tourism was once very active. A breathtaking view from the Alps to the Jura awaits anyone who makes it to the summit of the Schwyberg.

Route changes, Schwyberg Trail

Please note the route changes of the Schwyberg Trail.


The starting point for the Schwyberg trail is Schwarzsee-Gypsera station. From here, the path climbs gently to the Schlossisboden and continues along the Schwyberg ridge. The effort of climbing almost 600 metres will be rewarded with a 360-degree panoramic view. From the Bernese, Vaud and Fribourg Alps, the view takes in the Mittelland to the Jura massif further in the distance.

Calm returned to the Schwyberg in 2002. In 1999, Storm Lothar had destroyed the mountain restaurant there. Three years later, the ski tows from the ski resort also stopped. Since then, nature has firmly regained its hold on the line of hills in the Fribourg Pre-Alps, to the immense delight of snowshoe enthusiasts. With a bit of luck, you may even see some now rare mountain birds, such as the black grouse or large grouse, during your walk. These very timid creatures raise their young in the new-found peace of the Schwyberg.

The solitude that characterizes this walk also has its disadvantages. There are no restaurants along the way, but you can buy your provisions at the bakery as you set off.

De sleutel voor een prettige wandeltocht is onder andere een zorgvuldige planning. Win op voorhand inlichtingen in bij de plaatselijke informatiedienst over de toestand van het traject en de weersomstandigheden. Afhankelijk van het seizoen en de weersomstandigheden kan de route gesloten of onderbroken zijn.

Technische gegevens

Inhoud Technische gegevens weergeven
660 m
660 m
9 km
5 h
Vereiste conditie
660meter stijging
660meter daling
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ZwitserlandMobiel wandelkaart: Dit element is niet toegankelijk voor personen met lichamelijke beperkingen.


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1716 Schwarzsee

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9 km


5 h


660 m

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