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Interview with Dr Adrian Heini

Dr Adrian Heini joined the medical team at Clinique La Prairie in 2000. Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Lausanne and with extensive experience in internal & preventive medicine and nutrition, he was particularly interested in the field obesity and energy metabolism. At Clinique La Prairie, Dr. Heini has developed several medical and longevity programs to help patients live longer and healthier lives. It is as Medical Director since 2020, that Dr Heini pursues his mission and the pioneering spirit of the Clinic in these areas, and to strengthen the development of the Medical Center.

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What is the basic wellness philosophy of Clinique La Prairie?

CLP has always been pioneering optimal quality of life and maintaining the vitality of youth. In this respect CLP invented medical wellness, based on natural therapies and medical expertise.

What makes Clinique La Prairie different from other wellness clinics?

Clinique La Prairie is unique and innovative in 4 ways which include:

1) Our unique Medispa concept: A unique combination of spa, medical center and hotel in one location, with the widest range of experts, and pioneering and innovative treatments.

2) Our scientific approach to health and wellness, and scientifically verifiable expertise in rejuvenation, wellbeing, and longevity. Clinique La Prairie instills cutting-edge science and technology in all its programmes.The clinic has continuously evolved since 1931 to become a multidisciplinary, expert-led medical facility that specialises in providing world-class preventative medicine, based on cutting-edge science. In 2018, we were the first wellness clinic to integrate DNA testing into health programmes. Since then, genetics have taken an even stronger front seat, with DNA tests forming part of the Revitalisation, Master Detox and Weight Loss programmes and driving the highest level of personalisation for programmes. The clinic’s work has always been based in the life sciences and, because a key part of disease-prevention is diet, the emphasis has recently shifted towards nutritional science: In 2019, the Revitalisation, Master Detox and Beauty programmes have had nutrigenomics and dietary elements added. In 2020, we are launching the new Master Detox programme with a genomic-based method using nutritional science. More will come in this area in the near future. We are also taking a particular interest in research on microbiota, senescent cells and their markers, among other aspects of life science and biology, in an effort to determine how they can be used to promote holistic longevity.

3) Regenerative medicine: We offer stem cell treatments and Cell Boost. You will look and feel years younger after this revolutionary ultra-personalised procedure, dispensed by a team with solid experience in groundbreaking anti-aging and longevity research.

4) Innovation in our world of exclusive Medispa also means an innovative customer experience based on ultra-personalisation:  Every day of a programme at CLP means a world-class experience that exceed customer’s needs in every possible way. Increasingly, customers are requesting ultra-personalised programmes, as well as lifestyle coaching that goes beyond one-day or one-week programme. CLP meaningfully builds this connection with long-term support (post-stay and hubs, and in the near future a brand-new supplement range.

Clinique La Prairie is a unique combination of spa, medical center and hotel in one location.
Dr Adrian Heini
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How does Clinique La Prairie support your guests to find the right treatments?

We dialogue with the client through our reservation team, who is in close interaction with the doctors and the spa team. The goal is always to find the most appropriate program and customized treatments.

Who will most benefit from a stay at Clinique La Prairie?

From age 20 basically anybody will benefit from a Clinique la prairie stay. Obviously, we are renowned experts in rejuvenation, aesthetic medicine, detox, weight management, but also in comprehensive checkups.

What are the benefits, short-term and long-term, of a stay?

Increasingly, customers are requesting ultra-personalised programmes and long-term support and training. This is exactly what we offer at Clinique La Prairie: preventative and longevity-based treatment programmes  in which we give support for lifestyle changes and transformative wellness. This includes medical insights, nutritional, environmental and physical plans, which are always holistic. Our mission is to get customers out of their comfort zones and change their lives for the better. Short-term, during the stay, the spiritual lift shouldn’t be underestimated. Whichever the program, the guest enjoys it in a highly stimulating and luxurious environment.

Is there a minimum stay at Clinique La Prairie?

The majority of our programmes are a one week stay. For example, the Revitalisation programme is a six-night, five day programme. To have the full benefit of the Revitalisation programme, it is important to live this unique experience from the beginning to the end, with a complete medical check-up and safety supervision that covers a minimum of six days. People today live a very fast paced. As long as the body is strong and can keeps up with the pace, we can enjoy the life we want to live. At some point, it is necessary to give our body the opportunity to regenerate in order to sustain this pace of the life. Fast life means fast ageing and Revitalisation is there to help to slow down ageing and to promote vitality.

What is the most important advice you would give to someone who wants to do a wellness retreat at Clinique La Prairie?

To dedicate all the time to the assessments and therapies during the stay, and to put her/himself blindly into the hands of our team.

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The most popular programmes of Clinique La Prairie

Over 90 years in the making, REVITALISATION is Clinique La Prairie’s flagship programme to boost the immune system, combat the effects of ageing, and increase energy and balance.  
The six days, five nights programme has now been expanded to include brand new immune-boosting elements, including:

  • An immuno-fortifying drip and intake
  • A one-month cure of active nutrigenomic ingredients
  • Enhanced longevity and immunity-focused wellness and nutrition

REVITALISATION focuses on prevention, beginning with an individual in-depth medical check-up. Guests will enjoy the Clinique La Prairie Unlocking Longevity diet, with a focus on gut health and anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant food. Nutrition and cooking workshops help guests to form new, healthy habits, alongside other wellbeing elements including the signature Revitalising massage with added lithotherapy elements, a personal training session, and much more. Revitalisation Premium is the world’s most advanced anti-ageing and longevity treatment to date: an immersive, whole-body, and completely bespoke therapy

MASTER DETOX: Renowned as the most exceptional and bespoke cleansing treatment in the world, Clinique La Prairie relaunches their legendary Master Detox programme for 2020, taking it one step further with the addition of cellular genomics. Clinique La Prairie has been the first medi-spa to offer a bespoke detox programme to make use of the power of genetics in 2018. The leading intuition now further strengthens its science-based approach to detect deficiencies in the body and eliminate toxins for the ultimate purifying effect.
Designed to thoroughly cleanse your system and strengthening your internal defences to provide maximum organ function and energy levels; this enhanced approach focuses on a Cellular Genomic Detox method that naturally aids in the purification process.

BEAUTY STEM CELL: Unlock the secret of living with this state-of-the-art rejuvenation treatment by Clinique La Prairie. You’ll look and feel years younger after this revolutionary ultra-personalized procedure, dispensed by a team with solid experience in groundbreaking anti-aging and longevity research.

  • Two medical consultations with the surgeon specialist in stem cells
  • Advanced blood test with specific laboratory analysis for stem cells
  • Surgery to extract stem cells
  • Stem cell injection

CELL BOOST: Exclusive to Clinique La Prairie Switzerland, Cell Boost is the newest programme to launch. Cell Boost offers a specialist form of cosmetic surgery, using the body’s own cells to improve the skin’s appearance and slow down the aging process. Consultation commences on arrival with a check-up including blood tests. Devised for over 40s to stimulate the natural production of collagen and reduce the loss of the skin’s elasticity, the ground-breaking procedure collects fatty cells from the body for external filtration. The cells are then skilfully injected to encourage natural collagen regeneration in the face. In the three to six months following the Cell Boost treatment, the skin will appear deeply moisturised and radiant as a result. A visit is recommended every two years to repeat the treatment and prolong the long-term anti-aging effects.