Over hills and dales  The mountain beckons! Our ten fantastic multi-day tours create lasting memories to be enjoyed for years to come. 



From soaring peaks to shadowy vales, with nothing in between but freedom, nature and unspoiled landscapes – just perfect for hiking. After completing one of our ten multi-day hikes, you will never want to hike anywhere else. Simply throw on your backpack and off you go!

Freiburg Pre-Alps Trail Fribourg Region

Plaffeien, Sense

Over five days, the Freiburger Pre-Alps Trail leads from the medieval town of Freiburg alongside the picturesque Lake Schwarzsee, into the region of Gruyère. From there, you can marvel at the majestic peaks of the Gastlosen mountain range as you travel to the lush Pays-d’Enhaut and down into the Château-d'Oex, a mecca for hot-air ballooning.

Jura Crest Trail From Zurich to Geneva

Nods, Chasseral Felsvorsprung

The Jura Crest Trail links Zurich and Geneva in a sweeping arc. Running through two linguistic regions, the long trail boasts extensive views and the discovery of a varied landscape. A respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and mass tourism.

Waldstätterweg Discover Lake Lucerne

Alpnachstad, Aussicht auf den Vierwaldstättersee

Enjoy the Waldstätterweg in one go or over several days and rediscover the historic heart of Switzerland. Experience the natural and cultural attractions and explore the historical sites, villages and the city of Lucerne entirely on foot. The path winds around lakes and riverside paths, merges with mountain hiking trails and city promenades and also takes in historical trails such as the cliff path on the Bürgenstock.

Gourmet hike at sunrise Lungern, Lucerne – Lake Lucerne Region

Lungern, Bruenig Safari Wanderung

A ride in a cable car, a legendary hiking trail, a summit at sunrise and a rustic mountain hut where you can even make Alpine cheese – the perfect mountain hiking adventure awaits on the Fluonalp above Lake Lungern. The whole experience will take two days to complete.

Two-day hike in the Binn Valley Binn, Valais

Binn, Maessersee

The pristine Binn Valley and the mountain hut of the same name on the border with Italy is the destination for this hike, which can be comfortably divided into two days. The Binn Valley is known as the “valley of the hidden treasures” and is famous for its mineral riches, its diverse flora and fauna and its villages with their sun-baked houses.

Trekking in Lugano Brè, Ticino

Panorama view from the top of Monte Brè

An epic journey of 42km, spread over 3 days: Trekking in Lugano at its finest. This package is perfect for anyone who wants to escape the everyday hustle and bustle of the city. Breathtaking vistas, a fascinating landscape and diverse flora and fauna are the key ingredients for a popular excursion.

Two-day hike to the lakes of Ticino Rodi-Fiesso, Tessin

Lago Tremorgio

The highlight of this two-day hiking trail are the mountain lakes of Tremorgio and Morghirolo. The trail winds its way through beautiful, flower-filled meadows as well as rocky terrain. With their idyllic and tranquil setting, both lakes are the perfect place to relax.

Glacier trekking to the Monte Rosa Hut Zermatt, Valais

Zermatt, Monte-Rosa-Huette

The roar and rush inside the glacier, the cool wind and a slightly musty odour are omnipresent on this trek. This guided tour also makes a perfect two-day hike. You can spend the night in the Monte Rosa Hut, which is exemplary in terms of energy and resource efficiency. On the first day the trail ascends to the Monte Rosa Hut and descends the following day.

Aletsch panorama trail Blatten, Valais

Riederalp, Aletschgletscher_

Three days under the spell of the Valais glaciers. A sensational tour that boasts numerous viewpoints of the two longest Alpine glaciers. The contrast between the white-grey rocks and ice formations and the green tones of the Aletsch Forest creates an extraordinary landscape. Crossing the Belalp-Riederalp suspension bridge is an experience never to be forgotten.

Senda Scuol - Samnaun Scuol, Graubünden

Scuol, Blumenwiese mit Bergpanorama

A breathtaking route to be enjoyed over two days, taking in sunny terraces, colourful meadows and glorious views of the mountain. Along the way, hikers encounter a traditional Engadin village and sanatorium, while navigating suspension bridges and mountain paths past lakes, waterfalls and glacial remains.