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With its stunning peaks and gently rolling hills, picturesque lakes and idyllic streams, mysterious caves and dramatic gorges, Switzerland provides a unique and alluring backdrop for unforgettable family holidays. And these landscapes have been harnessed to create one giant playground – with museums and themed trails educating in a playful way, rope parks, toboggan runs and hanging bridges for outdoor thrills, and water-based attractions for plenty of fun and relaxation.

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The exacting “Family Destination” label guarantees guests will enjoy child-friendly accommodation, organised activities, theme trails, playgrounds and unspoilt nature, among other attractions.

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The 8,000-medal man

He coordinates 250 ski instructors. His ski school chalks up over 200,000 hours of lessons each winter. Whenever a problem arises, he is quickly on hand to sort it out. His reward is seeing the smiles on the faces of 8,000 happy children, each of whom he presents personally with a medal. Noldi Heiz is the head of Switzerland’s largest ski school.

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The horse-drawn carriage driver from the wild valley

He speaks the horses’ language, but never sees himself as a horse whisperer. Werner “Wohli” Wohlwend is a coachman, businessman and family man. His heart belongs to the horses. He's got over 50 of them on his farm so that the horse-drawn bus in the Roseg Valley can stick to its timetable. He knows each and every horse by name.

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Travelling with the wind

When 80 balloons soar against a backdrop of snow-covered Alpine peaks, it must be the balloon festival. This is the small Vaud village of Château-d’Oex’s claim to fame. Dreams come true here. A maiden balloon flight and a round-the-world flight all in one – as in the case of Swiss aviation pioneer Bertrand Piccard.

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