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The historical bridging point of Andelfingen lies above the Thur river and is nestled amid the unspoilt landscape of the Zürcher Weinland winegrowing region.

The landscape of the Zürcher Weinland is characterised by half-timbered houses, golden cornfields, a mosaic of meadows and farmland, with the large village of Andelfingen at its centre. The silhouette of the village, framed by the castle and the church, is remarkable.

Andelfingen is staggered across multiple terraces on the steep slope above the river. The settlement is dominated by the church and its surroundings at the highest point, around which the farmhouses, built in the half-timbered style that is typical for this region, are grouped. The covered wooden bridge over the Thur bears witness to Andelfingen's long settlement history as a bridging and customs point, which was of great importance within the region.

Andelfingen castle sits enthroned above the bridge and the old mill. The castle boasts exquisite, manicured gardens, which remain among the most prestigious in Switzerland to this day. The park area is open to the public all year round during the day. Cultural events are held in the rooms of the castle during the winter.


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