WATCH ACADEMY – The mobile watch seminar comes to you – an exciting journey to the heart of things during 3 hours.

Behind the scenes of time

The WATCH ACADEMY offers you a unique opportunity to take a closer look behind the scenes of watchmaking. You’ll learn first-hand about watch mechanics, discover what makes a timepiece tick, and enjoy a special experience that will remain with you forever.

This is your chance to immerse yourself for a few hours in the magical world of watchmaking and to feel the pulse of time up-close. You’ll be at the workbench, in a genuine watchmaking environment, getting to grips with the complexities of a highly skilled and satisfying craft.

Experience the dimension of time and the beauty of mechanics from a new perspective

Under the expert supervision of a master watchmaker, you will dismantle a Swiss-made mechanical movement one step at a time into its many tiny components. Once you’ve finished, you’ll reassemble it. We have large-scale working models to help you, so you can see for yourself exactly how the various parts fit together. At the same time, we’ll explain many of the theoretical aspects of watchmaking to you.

Embark on a virtual journey to the heart of things and feel the perfection and precision down to the very last detail


Informações gerais

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All year
Tempo necessário
De 2 a 4 horas
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Grupos, Individual, Casais

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alemão, inglês, francês
Tamanho do grupo
1 - 10
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CHF 350



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