Cailler - шоколад из сердца Швейцарии.

For over a century, Cailler has been creating little chocolate masterpieces in Broc. Using fresh Swiss milk, sustainable cocoa, exquisite ingredients and boundless passion.

It all began in 1819 when Francois-Louis Cailler came up with a really good idea – to create high-quality chocolate from exquisite cocoa beans. And that has never changed. Ever since that time, Cailler has been creating its melt-in-the-mouth chocolate works of art with the same care as before. Only the recipe has been finally perfected after having been refined and improved: fresh milk from local cows, particularly fine cocoa, and the finest ingredients are used.

All these chocolate creations – everything from the roasting of the beans to the final packing – are made at Maison Cailler located in the picturesque area of Broc. Visitors to this oldest existing chocolate factory in Switzerland will find a sweet adventure to please all one’s senses: an interactive tour of discovery along with amazement and indulgence at one of Switzerland’s most popular tourist attractions.

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If you are a chocolate-lover wanting to have these unique chocolate delights delivered to your home, or are looking for a special gift idea, we recommend our Cailler Boutique, where you can create your personalised Cailler gift in just a few clicks.

Cailler Boutique


Maison Cailler
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