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235 Results found

235 Results found
235 Results found
  • Treetop path Neckertal

    In Mogelsberg in the Toggenburg holiday region near St. Gallen, the first treetop path in Switzerland was opened in May 2018. The 500-metre disabled-accessible path gently winds from the forest floor into the treetops – a unique nature experience where visitors are at eye level with the flora and fauna.
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  • Gogwärgi path

    It is said that they once lived everywhere in Oberwallis – the Gogwärgini- those hard-working dwarfs. At some point they disappeared. But the stories about the "Gogwärgini" have remained up to this day and can be discovered on the Gogwärgi theme route.
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  • All about the Chestnut

    Relish chestnuts - with all your senses - at Arosio in Malcantone. Malcantone lies between tall panoramic peaks such as Monte Lema and two inlets of Lake Lugano. The Tresa River, which flows from Lake Lugano at Ponte Tresa, and the mountains form the national border with Italy. Most of the 26 small communities of Malcantone are situated on the hills between the river Tresa and the mountains. The forest, which is composed mostly of chestnut trees, stretches from village to picturesque village. The churches in these villages are well worth visiting. Little arable land remains, since farming is difficult in this region, and thus nature in the form of the forest has reclaimed large areas.
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  • Re-Ra-Rätikon

    On the trail with its variety of attractions, children learn about the mountain world in a playful fashion, and solve a thrilling puzzle concerning the chamois “Granita”.
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  • Wildlife Trail on Mt. Niederbauen

    Hikers on the 11-kilometer nature trail between Niederbauen and Stockhütte know what to look for: Markers along the trail impart essential information on the local fauna, their habitat and way of life, and they point out where certain animals can be spotted.
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  • Swiss Wrestling Trail

    Swiss Wrestling (“Schwingen”) is part of the deeply rooted heritage of Diemtigtal Valley and is extremely popular. The adventure path “Wrestling & Tradition” was opened in June 2013, in the Springboden-Diemtigtal Valley area.
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  • Geocaching Trails

    Equipped with a GPS, pencils, paper, maps and provisions in our backpack, we’ll embark on a treasure hunt. Several trails with various levels of difficulty are waiting to be explored.
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  • Treasure-hunt trail in Aeschi

    The whole family can go on a treasure hunt in Aeschi bei Spiez. Various questions are hidden on the treasure-hunt trail that the family can find and answer together. Once the treasure hunters have answered all the questions correctly, they can pick up a reward at the tourist office.
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  • Lilly Trail

    Lilly and Martin visit their Uncle Sämi on the Alp. The siblings’ adventures on the hike to Urnäsch are recounted on 14 illustrated signposts or markers.
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  • Bird Theme Trail

    Walk along an educational bird trail featuring huge attractions (giant nest box, platform in the trees). Visit to a peat bog. Furrowing the forest, a woodchip path invites visitors to discover a variety of bird species and their habitat (man-sized attractions).
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  • Ricola Herb Garden

    There is a popular hiking trail along the Jura mountain route from Passwang – the summit and viewpoint are 1,204 metres above sea level. Take this hiking route from Laufen, where Ricola has its head office.
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  • Hiking on Mount Pilatus

    Lucerne’s Pilatus mountain (2,118m above sea level) boasts some of the most spectacular views in Switzerland. From the summit, you can see across the Central Swiss Alps and the Jura all the way to France and the Black Forest in Germany.
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  • Moor Experience

    The moorland experience in the Stoos region is the ideal outing for more fun that you ever imagined − and a chance to learn "more about moors".
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  • Elm Giant Forest

    The adventure trail in the Giant Forest near Elm stimulates one’s motor skills, senses and awareness of nature. Heaps of fun awaits at Martin’s Hole.
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  • Treasure Hunt

    Four treasure hunt trails around Nendaz make family hikes an exciting adventure. This way of hiking is great fun for children as well.
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  • Ricola Herb Garden

    The hiking routes around the resort of Zermatt – site of Switzerland’s most famous mountain, the Matterhorn – offer you breathtaking panoramic vistas, lush flowering meadows and fragrant larch forests.
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  • Naturena Five-Senses Trails

    Experience amazing sensations while learning about local indigenous animals on the Volg Naturena Five-Senses Trails. In German-speaking Switzerland, there are five adventure trails (Fricktal, Seebachtal, Werdenberg, Zugerland, and Seeland), each with eight stations.
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  • Criminal fun

    Those who enjoy a good crime drama will love this. A murderer is on the loose in Spiez and the locals are terrified. Individuals, families or groups can take on the case at any time of the day and have fun solving it for free – so the locals don’t need to be scared anymore.
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  • Discovering the Bolle di Magadino

    The Bolle di Magadino, one of nine water meadow landscapes considered by the Swiss Academy for Natural Science to be of international importance, includes the delta of the Ticino and Verzasca Rivers at the Langensee (lake).
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