With its 15 one-day stages, the Jura Crest Trail has much to offer. Ten unmissable experiences

  1. Enjoy the view of the beautiful old town of Baden during the descent at Schartenfels (Lägern ridge path, alternative to the regular trail – stage 1).
  2. Climb up the countless steps of the Roggenflue and enjoy the breathtaking views of the Swiss plateau (stage 5).
  3. Gaze out over the Chasseral to the Three Lakes Region (stage 8).
  4. Hike up the Creux du Van before sunrise and experience the imposing rock cirque at dawn (stage 10).
  5. After a walk of nearly 30 kilometres, enjoy the view from the Chasseron (stage 10).
  6. Have a coffee in Métairie La Thiolle and taste some local ice creams (stage 12).
  7. Take a walk through the village of Vallorbe and admire the impressive train station (stage 12stage 13).
  8. Enjoy the view of the Lac de Joux from the Dent du Vaulion (stage 13).
  9. Stroll along the beautiful promenade of Le Pont on the banks of Lac de Joux (stage 13 / stage 14).
  10. Gaze out from Mont Tendre onto Lake Geneva, the Alps and Mont Blanc (stage 14).

Recommended by the Jura Crest Trail experts:

Tamara Fehr, multimedia student at HTW Chur, walked the entire Jura Crest Trail in the summer of 2018 and provided images, text and film for Switzerland Tourism. She discovered long-distance walking two years back:

“I love travelling long routes for several days at a time and seeing how far my feet will carry me. I was able to experience just that on the Jura Crest Trail. Walking along the hills of Jura and enjoying the constant view of the Alps is impressive. I was able to get to know and experience the culture of Jura on the 15 one-day stages thanks to the many métairies and the friendly hosts. A very inspiring and relaxing experience despite – or perhaps because of – the physical effort. I am looking forward to discovering yet more long-distance trails in Switzerland on foot.”