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56 Results found

56 Results found
56 Results found
  • Liestal Observation Tower

    When the weather is clear, the 30-meter Liestal observation tower with 150 steps offers unparalleled views across the hills of the Jura all the way to the peaks of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The Vosges mountain range and the Black Forest are visible to the north in the direction of Basel.
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  • Schilthorn

    The 2,970-metre Schilthorn offers 360-degree panoramic views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and more than 200 other peaks.
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  • Uetliberg

    The Uetliberg with its summit at the Uto Kulmo 871 metres above sea level towers above the roofs of Zurich. From the top you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view of the city of Zurich, Lake Zurich and the Limmat Valley up as far as the Alps.
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  • Blast off to the stars

    The cities, the mountains, the lakes – have you already seen all that Earth has to offer? If so, then come up to the Sattenlegi and discover the heavens above through our telescope.
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  • Eschenberg Tower

    The 30-meter Eschenberg Tower is located in the middle of the Eschenberg forest. In good weather, those without fear of heights are able to enjoy sweeping views from the top, ranging from the Alps to the Black Forest.
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  • Cardada Observation Platform

    The “Passarelle” is a landscaped bridge suspended between the crowns of trees rooted in the forest below. At its end, a viewing platform is suspended in the empty space, offering its visitors a 180-degree-panoramic view of Lake Maggiore, the Centovalli and the Maggia Valley.
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  • T.V. Tower Mont Pèlerin

    The Mont Pèlerin Television Tower is 122 meters high. It is Switzerland’s only television tower that is also an observation deck, which is accessible by elevator.
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  • Belchenflue vantage point

    The highest point on the Belchenflue at 1,099m above sea level offers incomparable views over the Black Forest, the Vosges and the Alps. For the Celts, the Belchenflue was a marker for determining the positions of the sun, while in the First World War, it served as a key observation point for the Hauenstein fortification.
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  • Beringer Randenturm

    Four observation towers jut out from the dense woodland surrounding Randen mountain: standing at 26 meters, the Beringer is the second highest of the Randen towers. The view stretches from Klettgau to the Alps.
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  • Bachtel

    Today's Bachtel lookout tower was built in 1986 and is 75 meters high. A viewing platform at 30 meters above ground offers beautiful views of Lake Zurich, the Linth Plain, the foothills of the Alps and the Alpstein mountain range.
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  • Hiking on Mount Pilatus

    Lucerne’s Pilatus mountain (2,118m above sea level) boasts some of the most spectacular views in Switzerland. From the summit, you can see across the Central Swiss Alps and the Jura all the way to France and the Black Forest in Germany.
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  • The Rhine Falls

    To stand high above Europe's largest waterfall, feeling the roar and vibration of the water over one's entire body - this can be experienced at the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen. By ship one can reach castles, the Rhine Falls Basin and even the mighty rock in the midst of the waterfall.
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  • Wisenberg Tower

    The Wisenberg Tower is located at over 1000 meters above sea level and a striking landmark in the area. It offers beautiful panoramic views across the Basel and Mittelland regions.
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  • Viewing platform Gemmi

    A dizzying observation platform has been built on the steep cliff next to the Wildstrubel Restaurant on the Gemmi Pass, the historic link between Leukerbad and Kandersteg. There may be no road, but the pass can be accessed by cable car or via a pleasant hiking trail.
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  • Stockhorn – and striking Horn

    It’s not hard to pinpoint the distinctive head of rock at the entrance to the Bernese Oberland – but the fact that you can stand pretty much on top to enjoy views direction Thun, Aare Valley and Bern as far as Jura is known to few.
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  • Water Tower

    The Baldegg water tower is both a water reservoir and an observation tower. A spiral staircase with 181 steps leads up to the viewing platform which offers a 360-degree panoramic view across the Mittelland region to the Black Forest and from Mt. Säntis to the Jungfrau in the Bernese Oberland.
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  • “Il Spir” Observation Platform

    After the retreat of the last glacier 10,000 years ago, the Rhine River started to break through the rock masses of the Flims Rock Slide. The river’screated the nature spectacle of the Ruinaulta (Upper Rhine Gorge).
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  • Eggishorn circular trail

    Eggishorn circular trail and viewpoint – a 360° panorama of the Great Aletsch Glacier, at an altitude of 2,869 metres. The nine lounges offer you a unique choice of places to sit and relax, with amazing views over the glittering world of eternal ice and the impressive giant mountains all around.
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  • Photo Spot St. Beatus Caves

    In the St. Beatus Caves by Lake Thun near Interlaken. Explore around one kilometre of safe and well-lit walkways inside the mountain. Discover stalactites and stalagmites that have been formed by nature over millions of years as you immerse yourself in this unique underground world. A visit to the Cave Museum is a chance to learn more about this natural wonder, with an audio guide telling you all you need to know about caves and caving.
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  • Photo Spot Lake Constance – Untersee Region

    Feel like an emperor as you survey the highly agreeable vista. More exactly: like Napoleon III. Established in medieval times, Arenenberg estate was in the hands of the Bonaparte family between 1817 and 1906. The great and the good of the time would come to the imperial court to pay their respects and take in the views of Lake Constance. The household here was organised along the lines of Parisian life, with salons, dinners, theatre and strolls through the gentle Thurgau countryside.
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  • Homberg Observation Tower

    The Homberg overlooks the Seetal region and the adjacent Wynental valley. The views of snow-capped peaks, green pastures and deep blue lakes from the top of the tower are magnificent.
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  • Cardada Cimetta

    The funicular railway carries residents and guests from the centre of Locarno up through the gorge to Orselina, the starting of the cable car to Cardada. The chairlift makes the final ascent to Cimetta, situated high above Lake Maggiore at 1,671m.
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  • Tour de Moron

    The imposing 30-meter-high tower at Moron was designed by Mario Botta. The view from the top extends far across the first Jura chain up to the Alpine arc, from the Säntis to the Montblanc. In the north the Vosges and the Black Forest come into view.
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