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  • Trafo Baden - Halls + Hotel

    The Trafo Baden, originally a transformer assembly hall dating back to the 1920s, is a prime example of effective building conversion in conjunction with new construction.
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  • Postal bus station

    The postal bus station at Chur train station is one of the city’s most striking buildings. The imposing glass dome provides shelter for passengers and buses in all weathers and serves as a starting point for many interesting rides aboard the yellow buses.
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  • Modern Architecture

    Good architecture is not only self-evident, instead as important to the city as the bend in the Rhine. Here you have buildings by international stars like Frank Gehry or Zaha Hadid – and the world-famous Basel-based duo Herzog & de Meuron. Anyone keen on architecture is in their element here, and able to follow one of three architectural paths.
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  • ECAL

    ECAL, Lausanne's University of Art and Design, is one of the world's most prestigious art educational institutions.
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  • The Smurfs

    Here, the imaginary world of the Smurfs has been recreated in the form of houses with extravagant curves. Behind the Cornavin station, these buildings in their improbable shapes and unexpected colours never fail to surprise! Welcome to the world of the Smurfs!
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  • WMO

    This 9-storey aluminium, glass and steel building is an extremely practical creation and fully deserves its place in the urban infrastructure due to its original volumetry in the shape of a wing. The ninth floor is occupied by a cafeteria with a panoramic terrace overlooking the lake and city.
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  • The Clarté Building

    This building at 2-4 rue Saint-Laurent (in the Villereuse area) can appear out-of-date these days, but when it was designed by the famous Swiss architect Le Corbusier in 1931-32, it was really a very futuristic project. Everything is made with steel and glass. The metallic frame frees the interior walls from all supporting functions.
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  • Ste-Trinité Church

    With its coating of pink granite, the spherical Ste-Trinité Church arouses curiosity. Set in the centre of the city, this singular church stands out amid the surrounding buildings. Built in 1994, its original architecture is subject to a range of interpretations.
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  • Merker-Areal

    The Merker-Areal, where washing machines and household appliances were once manufactured, has been turned into an attractive working and residential area. Instead of putting up a new construction, the original factory structure, with its valued industrial, cultural and historical associations, was preserved.
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  • Vocational Training Centre Baden

    Monumental and as austere as an archaic temple, the new vocational school is located at the entrance to Baden. Its architecture reveals very little of the building’s purpose to those passing by.
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  • Geschäftshaus Würth

    The international Würth Group is headquartered in Chur. The company’s presence enhances Chur’s economy and its headquarters building is regarded as a special gem by those tourists who are interested in culture. Its distinctive architecture is greatly admired as are the exhibits at the Forum Würth Chur.
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  • Protective buildings for Roman Excavations

    Its conquest by the Romans 2,000 years ago is an important part of Chur’s history as a settlement. Findings dating back to this period are housed in these protective structures designed by star architect Peter Zumthor.
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  • Art Museum Winterthur

    The Art Museum Winterthur possesses one of the most beautiful modern art collections in Switzerland. But artistic works don’t come to a halt here - as the building constructed in 1995 by the Zurich-based architects Gigon & Guyer makes the hearts of even less passionate art lovers beat faster.
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  • Rolex Learning Center

    The new, airy, bright Information Centre of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne with its curved lines is a delightful example of modern architecture.
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  • Messe Basel

    With the new construction of the exhibition center through the Basel-based Herzog & de Meuron star architects, Basel has a new architectonic landmark. And in the context of a guided tour, visitors are able to view the diverse buildings of this impressive exhibition center.
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  • Kubus

    This extension to the "Bernisches Historisches Museum" (Historical Museum) is sure to amaze with its exhibition hall sunk into the ground and its significant extension programme.
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  • Baldachin

    With its 2,500 m2 area and 530 glass panels, the graceful curved canopy of the Baldachin enhances the impact of the Bern station square.
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  • International Conference Center

    Your congress, seminar or exhibition can be hosted with optimum convenience and comfort in our conference centre. The CICG provides rooms with seating from 20 to 2200 places and it is ideally located just off the Place des Nations (UN) and within easy reach of the principal international organizations and diplomatic representations in Geneva.
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  • Prime Tower

    The Prime Tower is Zurich’s tallest building, a sparkling, glass-clad construction soaring 105.5 metres above the fashionable Zurich- West district.
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  • Congress Center

    The Congress Centre in the city centre of Biel/Bienne, with its architecture from the 1950s and 60s, renovated in 2001/2002, is a major feature of the city. Under its impressive suspended roof, an amazing range of cultural and commercial events take place, everything from fitness to leisure activities.
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  • Messeplatz Basel

    A detour to the Messeplatz exhibition space in Basel is always worthwhile - even when there’s no large-scale exhibition taking place. The spacious area at the heart of what’s known as Kleinbasel - little Basel, is surrounded by some mind-boggling architecture: The 105 sky-meter-high Morger & Degelo tower - and the new Herzog & de Meuron construction with its “window to the heavens.”
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  • Le Corbusier's "Maison Blanche"

    As his first project, Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, who later called himself Le Corbusier, built the Maison Blanche for his parents on the hills of his native town. This architectural masterpiece served this world-famous architect as a laboratory for his first construction techniques.
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  • Pasquart

    The Pasquart is a space for innovative, creative young artists and encourages those with talent to develop new works of art for the exhibitions.
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  • Falken

    The Falken residential and commercial building impresses with its confident appearance and ambivalent aspect.
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