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21 Results found

21 Results found
21 Results found
  • Cinémathèque suisse

    Cinémathèque suisse (Switzerland’s film archive) can be viewed as Switzerland’s museum of film. But it’s not solely concerned with Swiss films, instead everything concerning the art of filming and audio-visual media in Switzerland.
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  • Open spirit on Monte Verità

    Just a 15-minute walk from Ascona rises the 321 metre tall "Hill of Truth". The panoramic view of the village and the Lago Maggiore is fantastic – just like the story of the eccentrics from around the world who established an early hippy colony here in 1900. This spirit can still be seen today in the hotel, in the museum – and while strolling through the park.
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  • Theater Basel

    The largest mixed-programme theatre company in Switzerland offers a broadly diverse repertoire, including dance, opera and theatre.
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  • Zurich Tonhalle

    For those with an interest in classical music, the Zurich Tonhalle is hard to ignore. One of the world's most acoustically perfect concert halls, it is home to Switzerland's oldest symphony orchestra – an internationally renowned ensemble.
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  • PROGR - Cultural Production Centre

    More than 150 artists from every discipline work in this studio in the heart of Bern, from graphic designers to choreographers and filmmakers. People meet here to produce art, but also to drink coffee, sell pictures and talk about books.
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  • Trafo Baden - Halls + Hotel

    The Trafo Baden, originally a transformer assembly hall dating back to the 1920s, is a prime example of effective building conversion in conjunction with new construction.
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  • Rolex Learning Center

    The new, airy, bright Information Centre of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne with its curved lines is a delightful example of modern architecture.
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  • Cabaret Voltaire

    Dadaism, the most important art movement that has ever started in Zurich, had its origins at the legendary Cabaret Voltaire almost 100 years ago. Today, the Cabaret Voltaire once again plays a central role in the modern Dada movement and also has a nice little upstairs cafe.
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  • Kaserne Basel

    The Kaserne Basel is the largest centre in north-west Switzerland for the free contemporary theatre, dance and performance scene and for innovative popular music.
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  • Stadtheater Solothurn

    Small yet beautiful. The oldest Baroque theatre in Switzerland is in Solothurn and it boasts a superb theatrical programme. Newly renovated, its modern architecture enables its Baroque charm to shine in a whole new light.
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  • Schiffbau

    Once used for shipbuilding, this former industrial building in the fashionable district of Zurich West is now an indispensable part of Zurich's cultural life.
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  • Zürich Opera House

    With just 1,100 seats, Zurich’s is the smallest of the great international opera houses, and offers an exceptionally intimate experience of top performances.
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  • Dampfzentrale Bern

    A cultural destination by the riverside: the Dampfzentrale is a venue for contemporary music and dance, housed in a former industrial complex on the banks of the Aare and devoted to exceptional artistry.
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  • Bâtiment des Forces Motrices

    Forces Motrices, the imposing cultural center, “swims” in the middle of the Rhone River. Located in the former water works it is today a renovated oasis with theater and opera performances as well as exhibition halls with a capacity of 950 persons.
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  • Congress Center

    The Congress Centre in the city centre of Biel/Bienne, with its architecture from the 1950s and 60s, renovated in 2001/2002, is a major feature of the city. Under its impressive suspended roof, an amazing range of cultural and commercial events take place, everything from fitness to leisure activities.
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  • St. Gallen Theatre

    Switzerland's oldest recorded professional theatre and the only multifunctional venue in the Eastern Switzerland/Lake Constance region has a long history.
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  • Chessu

    The gasworks site with its dome covered in graffiti has been a symbol of autonomy and self-determination since the youth movement in the 70s.
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  • Löwenbräu Areal

    Museums, galleries, art publishers - the Löwenbräu Areal is a much loved venue for art enthusiasts. The changing exhibitions of contemporary art have transformed this former brewery into a landmark cultural centre.
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  • LAC Arte e Cultura

    Since September 2015, LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura) has been an impressive platform for contemporary creativity from southern Switzerland. The building by Ticino architect Ivano Gianola offers visitors art across 2500 square metres and a modern theatre and concert hall with space for 1000 guests.
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