When in Surselva the cows walk into the valley along the steep rock walls of the Flimserstein, the wide landscape changes into a scene of festivals: the alpine cattle descent is celebrated with music, country fair (“Chilbi”) and “Farmers’ Night” (“Buuraznacht”).

Over a hundred magnificently adorned cows trot in September on narrow lanes along the spectacular rock walls of Flimserstein. They return from the Alp over Bargiz, Fidaz and Flims to their barns in Foppa. Long before the audience can see the artistic flower arrangements on their heads radiant in the sun, they can hear the ringing of the bells.

Folksy entertainment is offered around the clock for locals and guests on the great day of the alpine cattle descent: a shuttle bus brings them from Flims into the high valley of Bargis, where they can await the cows’ procession while they have a sumptuous alpine brunch in various huts. As early as 10 AM there is a festive atmosphere in Bargis Mountain House, with folk music. In the afternoon there is an alpine country fair (Chilbi) at the Fidazer Farm, and in the evening guests eat, drink and dance in the hamlet of Scheia at the big barn fair.