Every year, on the last Monday in September, the people of Thun celebrate their folk festival and remember the fool who's name was Fulehung. Early in the morning the youths of Thun rush into the main street and up the castle hill, where they wait impatiently for their idol, Fulehung.

In earlier times Fulehung was called "Bajass" (bad man). The story of Fulehung goes back to the time of the Burgundian Wars in 1476, in which the soldier of Thun received high honors. The court jester of Charles the Bold mocked the Bernese and the soldiers of Thun, calling the latter lazy. But when the soldiers caught him during the battle, they brought him to Thun and punished him. During the annual "Anschiesset" festival, the person wearing the mask is teased on his way from the castle to the town hall.