Corpus Christi (second Thursday after Pentecost) Corpus Christi processions were once celebrated in a majority of Roman Catholic parishes in Switzerland. Many have become the victims of motorization, not to mention the reforms initiated by the Second Vatican Council.

In Düdingen, an especially festive day is still celebrated, owing to a very active group wishing to continue this eucharistic festival. The genuine character of the Düdingen procession finds its expression in the traditionally dressed groups. Daughters wear  costumes and garlands reserved for special occasions.

The uniformed Neuenegger go back to the battle of Neuenegg in 1798, while the Genfer recall their duty in the Geneva garrison in 1814. The monstrance has an honor guard dressed in the uniform of the Swiss Guards at the Vatican. After a solemn service in the church, the procession moves through the village. Three stops are made at openair altars. The focal point of the procession is the host exposed in the monstrance, which is carried under a richly brocaded canopy. For some time now, the benediction has been given on the school playground, with the monstrance then being escorted back into the church.