This enjoyable walk along the Mont-Croisin and Mont-Soleil crests will take you between the wind turbines and the solar-power plant, always in sight of the impressive Chasseral massif which dominates the Saint-Imier valley.


Starting from the Mont-Croisin pass, which you can reach by public transport, this pleasant snow-shoe walk at the foot of the wind turbines (16 in total along the route) will take you to the top station of the Saint-Imier - Mont-Soleil funicular railway. Strange but true: the railway is powered by the energy generated in the solar-power plant which you will pass on your walk (more than 4,500 m2 of solar panels spread over an area of about 20,000 m2).

All along this trail in the heart of the Espace découverte Énergie you will be able to admire the Chasseral massif which extends for a distance of about 1,600 metres and overlooks the Saint-Imier valley. You will also have an uninterrupted view over the Combe Grède nature reserve which leads up to its summit. To the north you will be able to see the Franches-Montagnes plateau and, in clear, weather, even the Vosges. This trail, which passes through conifers and wind turbines invites you to relax and enables you to watch wild animals such as hares, foxes and even deer.

You should also note that on request, and after giving at least a week's notice, it is possible to join a guided visit to the solar-power plant and the wind farm, or even the observatory, all of which are situated along this route. Three restaurants also welcome the hungry traveller - the Chalet Mont-Crosin, the Restaurant Le Manoir and l’Auberge Chez l’Assesseur. It goes without saying that there is something for all tastes on the slopes of the Espace découverte Énergie.

An enjoyable tour includes the careful planning of the same. Please inform yourself in advance at the local information center about the route and weather conditions. Depending on the season and weather conditions, this route may be blocked or interrupted

Technical information

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Start location
220 m
260 m
8 km
3 h 15 min
Physical requirements
Elevation profile
220Meter ascents
260Meter descents
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Espace nordique Erguël
Rue du Chalet 37
c/o Stéphane Bichsel
2720 Tramelan

Phone  +41 (0)79 407 71 42

Quick Facts

Route number


8 km


3 h 15 min


220 m

Travel information: Mont-Soleil

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