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  • Canoeing on the Ticino

    The Ticino is one of the most popular canoeing rivers in the canton of the same name. On a leisurely 8km river tour from Cresciano to Arbedo, visitors can see the landscape at its most beautiful and diverse – rocks, chestnut forests, palm trees and sunny beaches.
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  • River Rafting on the Arve

    Enjoy an action-packed outdoor adventure in the city. This special three-hour rafting trip covers eight kilometres and includes six waterfalls, offering a chance to discover Geneva's surroundings in a completely different way.
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  • Soft Rafting

    At the heart of the unique upper Rhine landscapes, together some good active enjoyment, everyday stress seems to disappear in a flash. A place to enjoy a tranquil paddle on safe raft boats with family, friends of perhaps colleagues from work.
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  • Roaring River Simme

    On this tour you can experience the challenges of whitewater rafting or canoeing. Situated in one of Switzerland's most idyllic regions, the Simme is a fascinating and wonderfully scenic river, ideal for school groups, families or company outings. The water tour starts from Boltigen.
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  • Aare tubing and more

    The water sports equipment can be freely selected and mixed within a group. You'll be spoilt for choice, with options including tubes, two-seat kayaks, luxury tubes, stand up paddle boards (SUP) and six-seat dinghies.
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  • Wild Inn

    The Giarsun gorge of the Inn in the Lower Engadine offers one of the most exciting and most technical rafting sections of the Alps – white water extraordinaire! Two sections of different difficulty to choose from.
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  • Ruinaulta

    10,000 years ago, 100 billion cubic metres of rock thundered into the valley. Known as the Flims Rockslide, this event created the Ruinaulta, a canyon-like gorge in the Anterior Rhine Valley that can be reached on foot, over water, by train or by bike.
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  • Boating on the Aare

    The River Aare between Uttigen and Bern is extremely popular for all kinds of boat trips, offering an alternative route into the Swiss capital. The water-meadow landscape is an enchanting and secluded wilderness amid the densely populated countryside.
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  • Watersports on Lake Gruyère

    Lake Gruyère (Lac de la Gruyère) is the longest and second-largest artificial lake in Switzerland, measuring 13.5 kilometres and covering almost ten square kilometres at high water. This is precisely why the lake on the edge of the Fribourg foothills is so popular for all kinds of watersports.
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  • Sporty Lütschine

    One of the best rafting trips of Switzerland. Rapid and demanding river, with the most beautiful and picturesque finishing spots of all rafting tours of Switzerland. No prior experience necessary.
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  • Lake Thun Canoe Trail

    Discover the southern shore of Lake Thun by canoe from May to September. Collect the canoe from a location of your choice and enjoy an exciting adventure on, in and by the lake. Canoes can be returned to one of the rental stations in the evening.
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  • Canoeing and Kayaking on the Doubs

    The Doubs is the green border between Switzerland and France: on the one hand it actually forms the frontier and on the other, it is a magical green river landscape, more natural than any other in Switzerland. Canoe and kayak trips between Goumois and St-Ursanne are romantic and relaxing.
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