E-bikes are on the up: No wonder, because they allow cyclists to tackle more demanding routes and greater distances on their bike than they would be able to on a normal bike. In general, all Cycling in Switzerland routes are open to e-bikes. Switzerland even has a national cycling route that was created especially for e-bikes: the Herzroute, meaning the heart route.

Selection of specially recommended e-bike routes in Switzerland

Rules for e-biking in Switzerland
  • To ride an e-bike with an assisted speed of up to a max. 25km/h, cyclists must be at least 16 years of age (14 years with moped licence)
  • E-bikers must follow the rules for cyclists, which means use the bike lanes and signposted cycling paths
  • On faster e-bikes, children can ride along in a bike trailer. No more than three children should be transported by an e-bike – two in a bike trailer and one on a child seat.
Safety tips for e-bikers
  • Always wear a helmet. Wearing a bike helmet when riding fast e-bikes with pedal assistance up to 45km/h is mandatory, although we recommend wearing a helmet on slower models as well. Hire a bike from Rent a Bike and you get a rental helmet for free
  • Riding an e-bike is a different experience to being on a normal bike. Practising your riding technique is recommended
  • Ensure you are visible: Ride with lights on, even by day. Choose clothing in bright colours and made from reflective materials
  • Pay attention and plan ahead when cycling on an e-bike. Show consideration for other road users and remember that others might underestimate your speed
  • Cycle at an appropriate speed and be aware of longer braking distances (especially when pulling a bike trailer)
Source: bfu – Swiss Council for Accident Prevention