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25 Results found
25 Results found
  • Plättli Zoo

    Plättli Zoo is one of the few remaining private zoos in Switzerland that has been able to survive without public funding, possibly because of the charming atmosphere in the zoo and the large variety of animal species.
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  • Walter Adventure Zoo, Gossau

    Biggest private zoo in Switzerland, largest chimpanzee enclosure in Switzerland. Barbecue by the romantic pond, pony and camel rides. Watching the show presented in the circus tent, admiring more than 500 animals and having lots of fun at the play facilities will make your visit a delightful experience.
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  • Knies Children's Zoo

    In no other zoo are the animals so close to the visitor as they are in the children's zoo in Rapperswil. Depending on the species, the animals can be touched, petted, fed or ridden. This makes the children's zoo an ideal destination for families, grandparents with grandchildren or school trips.
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  • Seeteufel adventure park, Studen BE

    Seeteufel adventure park has been a popular choice for outings in the Bernese Seeland region for decades. From humble beginnings as a few aquariums in a railway carriage, it has grown into a unique world that is just waiting to be discovered.
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  • Zurich Zoo

    The zoo on the Zürichberg is home to more than 340 animal species in near-natural habitats. About 4,000 animals serve as ambassadors for their fellows in the wild. A nature conservation centre involved in international breeding programmes and resettlement projects – that's what Zurich Zoo is all about.
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  • Papiliorama - Exotic Butterflies and More

    The tropical gardens Papiliorama and Nocturama in Kerzers are home to plants and animals from the tropics. In the Anthropodarium, arthropods are exhibited. The Swiss Butterfly Garden is dedicated to native butterfly species.
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  • Basel Zoo

    Opened in 1874 and affectionately known as “Zolli” by the locals, Basel's Zoological Gardens are home to a large number of indigenous and exotic animals. With its fascinating park landscape and lovingly designed enclosures, Basel Zoo is well worth a visit at any time of year.
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  • Ambigua Bird Park

    A park full of colourful, exotic birds: on about 3000 square meters the bird park has more than 30 different types of parrots and parakeets to see.
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  • Sea Life

    Just a few meters from the Swiss border, one can observe fascinating water dwellers: ranging from the curious and conservation-worthy to rare and mysterious animals.
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  • La Garenne Zoo

    The La Garenne zoo is home to a host of mammals, birds and reptiles, in addition to an important collection of European birds of prey.
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  • Zoo al Maglio

    More than 100 animals from all over the world are at home in the Zoo al Maglio to marvel at. These include lions, panthers, snow leopards, serval, the Bennett wallaby, gibbons, macaques and capuchin monkeys as well as parrots.
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  • Sikypark

    Be sure to come to Sikypark Zoo to meet its animals. As well as discovering exotic animals, children have the chance to feed miniature goats and ponies – a precious experience of sharing.
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  • Alpine Zoo

    The Alpine zoo is discovered at an altitude of 1,100 meters surrounded by woods, where the majority of alpine-dwelling animals can be observed in their natural habitat. Adjacent to the zoo visitors discover an outdoor alpine pool, nestled in the natural rocky landscape. Parking, Restaurant-Pizzeria and picnic area are also at your convenience.
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  • Goldau Nature Park and Zoo

    What was in 1806 a dramatic and catastrophic event for humans, is today a blessing for endangered animal species: the landslide of Goldau. In the area where the landslide took place, the Goldau Nature Park and Zoo offers non-domesticated animals a species-appropriate home in an impressive landscape.
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  • Tropiquarium

    Thanks to natural barriers, the Tropiquarium permits you safely getting close to creatures from all around the world. It’s also home to several endangered species such as the Siamese crocodile, the African penguin and the Galapagos tortoise.
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