Under winter’s spell A winter wonderland in the Martigny region



When winter envelops Martigny and the surrounding area in its white mantle, it creates a veritable fairytale world, where the peaks are covered in a white gold that glistens in the sun, and snow-covered villages inspire calm and serenity. Amid this beautiful Alpine setting, you can enjoy a wide range of excursions that are both sustainable and close to nature. From among them, we have selected three winter activities that are emblematic of the region.

Martigny Region

Martigny invites you to experience winter like never before. When the landscape is draped in white, calm descends on the Trient valley and the Champex-Lac region, where imposing gorges alternate with the majestic Alps.

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Snow companions Champex-Lac


St. Bernard dogs

Stroll with the St. Bernard dogs alongside the frozen lake of Champex-Lac for a truly spellbinding experience. With their big gentle eyes and kind and calm nature, they perfectly reflect the warm spirit of the region. These animals are Switzerland’s most well-known and well-loved mountain rescuers, whose good looks and charm also win them numerous beauty contests. Enjoying their company is a unique experience that will stay in your memory for a long time to come… and in your heart too!

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The Barry Foundation

Founded in 2005, the Barry Foundation is home to the oldest and largest St. Bernard breeding programme in the world. With around thirty dogs resident here and around twenty puppies born here each year, it is committed to preserving this emblematic Swiss breed. The Barry Foundation also aims to promote encounters with these legendary dogs, fostering a better relationship between humans and animals.

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Jazz and Edène
Edène poses proudly in her favourite spot from Champex-Lac.
We had an out-of-the-ordinary experience we’ll never forget.
Helga and Daniel
There is an indescribable energy to pet and share moments with these dogs.

Through the peaks From Martigny to Chamonix


Mont Blanc Express

Acting as a link between the lowlands and the mountains, this cross-border panoramic train connects Martigny in Switzerland and Chamonix in France in less than an hour and a half. More than just a journey, it’s a real adventure through snow-covered forests, wild gorges and imposing peaks, offering up one spectacular panorama after another. An unrivalled rail experience of breathtaking beauty.

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This historic cogwheel train passes through numerous picturesque villages that are well worth a visit, such as Les Marécottes, home to Europe’s highest wildlife park, at a lofty 1,100 metres above sea level. Spanning 35,000 square metres, it allows visitors to discover most of the alpine fauna in their natural environment. A few kilometres further on is Finhaut, a village renowned as the starting point for transport up to the Emosson dam (Verticalp) that also provides access to the charming little village of Trient.

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The Mont-Blanc-Express winds through the narrow valley, surrounded by white-powdered trees.

Between glaciers and mountains Trient


The village of Trient

One of the must-sees in the Trient valley is the village of the same name. Situated at an altitude of 1,300 metres, nestled at the foot of the glacier that towers above it, Trient arouses interest and curiosity, not least because of its raspberry-pink church, which is truly emblematic of the region.

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An unusual feature: a raspberry-pink church.
Trient is situated on the col de la Forclaz route, between Chamonix and Martigny.

Snowshoe trails

Etching your footprints in the untouched snow gives you the unique sensation of walking on a cloud. Up high in the Martigny region, the snow-covered landscape serves as an idyllic backdrop for a getaway surrounded by nature. Time seems to stand still in this valley, where absolute silence reigns and the snow-covered trees create a magical atmosphere.

Falling under the spell Of the Martigny region


An unforgettable walk at Champex-Lac accompanied by the Barry Foundation’s dogs, a trip through breathtaking landscapes aboard the Mont-Blanc Express, or snowshoeing in a unique winter setting. These are just a few examples of the countless treasures that Martigny and the surrounding area have to offer during the winter season.