Swiss Army knives, watches, luggage and fragrances from Victorinox are reliable companions for everyday life.

They meet the highest standards and appeal through their cool elegance. They are also products which combine the aspects of heart and mind, hence our slogan - Made like You.

The manufacturer from the Swiss Knife Valley knows that functionality and usefulness alone are not sufficient to appeal to the emotions of the consumer. Only good design which gives an aesthetic voice to the intelligent function endows products with an unmistakable identity which turns satisfied customers into loyal customers.

Victorinox pocket tools incorporate more than a century of tradition and experience. In 1884, the original knife workshop was established by Karl and Victoria Elsener and the first delivery of knives to the Swiss Army was made in 1891. When Karl Elsener created the "Original Swiss Army Knife" in 1897, he could never have imagined that this would become the symbol for quality, functionality and Swiss inventive talent all over the world. Nowadays, the "Swiss Army Knife" enjoys international protection and, more than any other product, stands for the world-famous "Swiss Made" label of quality.

The unique inventiveness which characterises the Victorinox product range is driven forward by the desire of development staff at Victorinox to respond to the wishes expressed by customers and make them a reality. This leads to new products with innovative functions designed to fully satisfy the wide range of demands and value concepts of consumers.


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