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Located on the north side of the Schrattenfluh limestone mountains in the canton of Lucerne, Marbachegg is almost part of the Emmental valley: one of the best Emmental cheeses is made here.  Marbachegg is part of the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch.

Marbach (Escholzmatt) at a glance

A gondola railway runs on the north side high up to the watershed between the catchment area of the Ilfis and that of the Emme. Marbachegg is a viewing point in a league of its own – with the Schibegütsch and Hogant on the horizon and, between, a surprising view of the Bernese Alps, Schreckhorn, Finsteraarhorn and Eiger.

People visit Marbachegg to relax, eat well and enjoy hikes to Alp Imbrig (where the cheese is made) and Kemmeribodenbad. Climbing the Schrattenfluh on the extremely steep mountain path is strenuous, but the view from the top on the ridge by the Hengst is stunning.

Adventurous types can enjoy a bumpy cart ride down the piste made of wooden planks.
Altitude: 1484m
Train from Bern or Lucerne to Escholzmatt, bus to Marbach (valley station), gondola railway to Marbachegg
View: Sweeping views of the Schrattenfluh with Schibegütsch and the Hogant – and Bernese Alps in between, Emment Valley as far as Jura to the north
Attractions: Cart adventure on a wooden-plank piste, Imbrig alpine cheesemaking showcase dairy with Alpbeizli for snacks, water buffalo and modern alpine cheesemaking establishment in Marbach
Culinary aspects: Rich Älplerzmorge-style breakfasts on Sunday with musical entertainment, evening trips on Saturdays, Alpbeizli Imbrig for healthy snacks
Overnight stays: Double and multi-bed rooms, 44 sleeping places
Groups: Groups and seminar gatherings on request
Winter: Winter sports area Marbach/Marbachegg - and great place for families
Special comments: Part of the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch with excursions, courses and viewings


Marbach (Escholzmatt)
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