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With its stunning peaks and gently rolling hills, picturesque lakes and idyllic streams, mysterious caves and dramatic gorges, Switzerland provides a unique and alluring backdrop for unforgettable family holidays. And these landscapes have been harnessed to create one giant playground – with museums and themed trails educating in a playful way, rope parks, toboggan runs and hanging bridges for outdoor thrills, and water-based attractions for plenty of fun and relaxation.

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The exacting “Family Destination” label guarantees guests will enjoy child-friendly accommodation, organised activities, theme trails, playgrounds and unspoilt nature, among other attractions.

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Free for kids


Once upon a time​...

O hotel de conto de fadas Braunwald tem histórias para contar: São mais de 40 anos realizando o sonho de crianças. E muitas vezes escrevendo mais um capítulo especial nessa história de encantamento. Um desses capítulos foi escrito pelo Nico, cujas histórias passaram a fazer parte do repertório do hotel.

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Spend time with organic pioneers.

The Jura is famous for its many organic farms. For decades, farmers here have been nurturing their produce in harmony with nature. Along “Les chemins du bio” (the organic trails) you can hike to various organic farms and see their work. The network boasts about 30 organic farms. They offer a warm welcome, with farm tours, regional delicacies and accommodation. At Le Peu Girard and Lafleur in the Franches-Montagnes region, for example.

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