An architectural landmark with a proud history, five-star ranking, 140 rooms, 220 beds and a staff of 150, this is the very idea of a grand hotel. But there is more to it than what you see at a first glance. The Waldhaus is also playful and relaxed, and very open to families and children. It is luxurious, but not opulent, vibrantly alive, but comfortably old-fashioned. And it is quite large, but run on a very personal basis. This rare and enchanting mix reflects our fiercely guarded independence. The Waldhaus is still a true family affair without any outside shareholders or managers – something which has become exceedingly rare for a hotel of its size and class in Switzerland. It gives us a chance to do things a little differently, a fact we fully exploit.


Sils-Maria is a picturesque mountain village surrounded by glorious hiking trails, pistes and cross-country ski trails. The Waldhaus – a fairy-tale castle set amidst a world-famous landscape – towers majestically above it. The hotel is virtually a monument itself, given its long history, five stars, 140 rooms and 230 beds. But it is a living monument that is to be enjoyed! Relaxed and comfortable behind its imposing façade, shaped by the diverse nature of the people and generations who have worked and stayed there.



Certified by ICOMOS

2005年年度历史酒店 瓦尔德豪斯酒店的位置非常引人注目,位于一片露出地面的岩石上,周围林木繁茂。酒店建于1905年至1908年之间,设计者是著名的圣莫里茨酒店建筑师卡尔·科勒(Karl Koller)。1927年,酒店因火灾而部分受损,经过重新装修后其外观一直保留至今。按照设计构想,这座庄严的建筑在很远的地方就可以辨认出来,舍弃了所有不必要的装饰。建筑物内部更加引人注目,拥有一系列具有代表性的大厅和客厅。 酒店内部摆放着很多旧式家具,均保存完好,时尚的外形中恰到好处地巧妙引入了新的元素。 另外两件非常特殊的陈设都源自酒店建造时期,一件是枝形水晶吊灯,另一件是Welte-Mignon复制钢琴。 自从创建以来,酒店一直属于同一家族,他们无条件地为酒店的发展贡献一切,精心维护酒店的内部装饰和家具,一心一意为酒店接待的客人提供服务,反映了一种卓越的企业家理念。瓦尔德豪斯堪称瑞士酒店行业的典范。

5 star

Q II - Leadership Quality


  • Luggage Service
  • E-Charging Station
  • Underground car park
  • Private car parks
  • Internet - free
  • Very quiet rooms
  • Wi-Fi - free
  • TV
  • WC in Room
  • Radio
  • Mini-bar
  • Phone
  • Non smoking rooms
  • Bar
  • Smoking lounge
  • Restaurant
  • Terrace
  • Indoor play area
  • Creche
  • Childrens Playground
  • Garden
  • Indoor tennis center
  • Tennis court
  • Pets welcome
  • Very quiet location


  • Whirlpool or Jacuzzi
  • Gym
  • Steam bath
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Outdoor pool
  • Whole body and partial body massage
  • Hairdresser



Hotel Waldhaus Sils
Via da Fex 3
7514 Sils / Segl Maria

电话  +41 (0)81 838 51 00
传真 +41 (0)81 838 51 98


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Hotel Waldhaus Sils
Via da Fex 3
7514 Sils / Segl Maria
Phone  +41 (0)81 838 51 00

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