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Basel, Hotel Teufelhof



The Boutique & Design Hotels are a successful homage to the tasteful and exquisite. For guests with an affinity for architecture, design and culture, the hotel selection offers a variety of individual city hotels, creative hotel concepts and luxurious alpine chics in the Swiss mountains. Small and refined - with the boutique hotels characterized by personality, individuality and style; resolute and with a clear design approach in properties defined by concepts, architecture as well as design.

Boutique & Design Hotel

The Boutique & Design Hotels are:


Thanks to their unique architecture, the clear design language, the Boutique & Design Hotels have an inspiring and stimulating effect on the guest.


Lifestyle is written large in these hotels - refreshing concepts surprise guests in all areas of the hotel.


The boutique hotel is characterized by special individuality and personality in the furnishings and service. 

Criteria Boutique & Design

More informations Criteria
  • Strong aesthetic appeal without neglecting functionality

  • Superior quality of architecture and services

  • Design concept includes all aspects of the guest experience

  • Cuisine reflects calibre of design concept

  • Design incorporates impressive attention to detail

  • Boutique hotel character with individuality & personality

  • Concept in harmony with corporate philosophy


Replenishing energy

Even during his time as a world freeride champion, Emilien Badoux was a yoga enthusiast. These days he is the resident yoga instructor at the W Hotel in Verbier, where he quite literally leads his pupils into different realms. On request he will hold classes on Mont Fort, explaining: “Our only limits are the ones we set ourselves.”

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