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95 Results found
95 Results found
  • Exploration of medieval Fribourg

    The intact walls surrounding the city and over 200 unique Gothic facades impart incomparable mediaeval charm to Fribourg. The old town is best explored on foot, like an open-air museum.
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  • A weekend of pleasures in Rheinfelden

    The narrow, winding alleyways, the cheerful ambience of a traditional spa town and the almost Mediterranean climate of the northern part of the Jura — in Rheinfelden's old town you can discover, stroll, and enjoy. And that within walking distance.
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  • Abbey of St. Gall

    In St. Gallen you'll find history at every turn. The city's landmark is the Convent of St. Gall with its Baroque cathedral. The convent, including the library and monastery archives, was added to the Unesco World Heritage List in 1983.
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  • Old Town Chur

    Chur is the oldest town in Switzerland and has a settlement history of over 5,000 years. The historic Old Town is very much worth a visit and is completely car-free. It offers a surprisingly large range of cultural activities, shopping, cafes, restaurants and bars.
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  • Old City of Vevey

    The old city of Vevey is dotted with historical monuments and museums bearing witness to its rich heritage. In addition, a large variety of boutiques and craftsmen can be found in the narrow paved streets, displaying their know-how and wares.
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  • Spalentor, St. Alban-Tor and St. Johanns-Tor Gates

    The Spalentor is the most imposing of the three city gates that were part of the large city fortifications dating back to the year 1400. Many important supplies entered the city of Basel from Alsace through this gate. From here, there is a wonderful view over the roofs of Basel’s old town and the hills of the Jura, the Black Forest and Vosges.
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  • Lausanne – rooted to the earth and the water

    Lausanne, a sustainable and eco-friendly destination. The city of Lausanne has a strong commitment to sustainability, something that is part of everyday life for each of its citizens: low food-miles are a top priority, with produce brought direct to the market from neighbouring farms, while Lausanne’s culinary artists are maestros of local and seasonal cuisine. Lausanne has everything it needs close by, and is one of the 15-minute cities where all essential services are within easy reach.
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  • Grossmünster

    The Grossmünster is an Evangelical Protestant church in the Old Town of Zurich and the city's landmark. The view from the church towers is spectacular: far across Lake Zurich to the Alps.
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  • Capuchin Tower

    The present name of this highest tower with the strongest walls was taken from the Capuchin monastery that was built in the vicinity in 1595.
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  • Stadtturm (City Tower)

    The Baden city tower stands above the northern end of the Oberstadt (upper town) and is the only defensive tower in the medieval fortifications that is still in existence.
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  • Urban Golf Downtown Fribourg

    A 9 or 18 holes golf course which guides you through the fascinating old town of Fribourg. Combine sport and fun and discover the history of one of the most beautiful medieval towns of Switzerland.
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  • Piazza della Riforma

    The Piazza della Reforma is Lugano’s main square and is an inviting place for tourists and locals to relax as they enjoy the many bistros and restaurants.
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  • Basel Old Town

    As you stroll through the old town of Basel, one of the most intact and beautiful in Europe, you’ll be amazed at its unparalleled architectural diversity.
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  • Bern Cathedral

    The Bern Münster Cathedral of St. Vincent is the most impressive late-Gothic building in the city and the largest and most important late medieval church in Switzerland. From this highest church tower in Switzerland you may admire the magnificent view over the city and of the snow-covered mountains of the Bernese Oberland.
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  • Aarau: “Refreshing” outdoor experiences on the Aare river

    Aarau inspires young and old with countless outdoor activities and water sports on and in the Aare. There are also many idyllic places inviting you to relax and stay a while. These include everything from games and sports to culinary delights. The city surprises visitors with a wide range of bars and restaurants.
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  • On the trail of watches

    La Chaux-de-Fonds is more closely associated with watches than perhaps any other town or city. Located at an altitude of 1,000 metres above sea level, its streets are laid out in a chessboard pattern. This successful symbiosis between urban development and the watchmaking industry has led to the city being designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. La Chaux-de-Fonds is also the birthplace of Le Corbusier.
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  • Rhine Circular Trail

    The Rhine Circular Trail leads from the Alte Rheinbrücke to the new hydroelectric power plant and then back on the other side of the Rhine. Along the way, hikers can learn about the 900-year history of bridges and settlements, while enjoying the diverse fauna and flora along the Rhine.
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  • Munot tours

    Munot has been proudly overlooking the town of Schaffhausen for well over 400 years. The fortification of Munot was built in the 16th century by forced labourers from Schaffhausen and characterises the old town to this day.
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  • Chapel Bridge and Water Tower

    Lucerne's landmark is considered to be Europe's oldest covered bridge. It was built in the 14th century and was originally a part of the city fortifications. The pictorial panels, which were incorporated in the 17th century, contain scenes of Swiss history as well as the Lucerne's history.
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  • Musegg Wall

    The Water Tower, Chapel Bridge and Musegg Wall dominate the historical skyline of the city of Lucerne. However, the best view of the lake basin can be enjoyed from the path that runs along the Musegg Wall.
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  • Castle and Abbey Church

    As a thousand-year-old city, Neuchâtel enchants visitors with its exceptional charm, elegance and privileged location on the largest lake in all of Switzerland. The area around the castle and abbey church is particularly lovely.
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  • Guided tours with the night watchman

    Some evenings, one could almost think that time has stood still in the old town of Schaffhausen: And on joining a Schaffhausen night watchman to tour the town, you can listen to some interesting facts as well as peculiar, spooky and amusing incidents from times long gone by.
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  • The Madonna degli Angioli church

    The church, which was originally part of a Franciscan monastery, is home to Switzerland's most famous Renaissance fresco. It covers the whole wall of the nave. The "Passion and and Crucifixion of Christ" is defined by great expressiveness and vividness of the individual scenes.
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  • Sacred mount Madonna del Sasso

    The sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso in Orselina above Locarno is the most famous place of pilgrimage in the Italian part of Switzerland. It is rooted in the ancient tradition of votive gifts.
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