"Creux du Van", a natural rock arena of immense proportions, is located at the border of the cantons of Neuenburg and Vaud. Impressive 160 meter high vertical rock faces surround a four kilometer long and over one kilometer wide valley basin.

First the glaciers, then the brooks have shaped the breathtaking rock formation from the 200 million year old lime deposits of a prehistoric ocean. The steep rock faces afford detailed insight into the geology of the Jurassic folding.

The regional climate of the "Creux du Van" is exceptional and unusual - there are forests and arctic-alpine flora in the rock arena. Chamois, ibex, lynx and numerous other wild animals inhabit the pristine natural landscape, which is protected through the existence of a 25 square kilometer nature reserve. A spring, the "Fontaine Froide", has its source in the middle of a sinkhole. This spring's water is four degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Creux du Van is located in Val-de-Travers, which also produces a renowned Swiss speciality: absinthe. You can sample different kinds of it in the region and learn about its history at Maison de l’Absinthe. More information on Creux du Van and local products.

Another natural wonder in the immediate vicinity is the Areuse Gorge between Noiraigue and Boudry. An adventurous hiking path with countless steps and bridges gives hikers a good view of this natural spectacle.


On foot: from Noiraigue
By car: from St-Aubin, Couvet or Travers by a tarmac road to the Restaurant du Soliat (becoming narrower at the end). The Creux du Van rocky cirque is approximately 300m on foot from the restaurant.

As parking spaces are limited in Noiraigue, we advise you to come by train if possible. If the car parks are full, we recommend you to park in Travers or Couvet and then take the train to Noiraigue. To reach the top of the Creux du Van cliffs, it is best to take a loop hike or an electric bike ride from Noiraigue.

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