Mario Botta’s church in Mogno at the back of Maggia Valley represents human rebellion against the white death. It is an architectural masterpiece to aid against forgetting.

On 25 April 1986 at 7:15 in the morning, an avalanche came down in Mogno and destroyed the small 17th-century church. Once again nature showed its unpredictable and unruly side. 

Shortly afterwards, Mario Botta from Lugano was commissioned to rebuild the new church in honour of St. John the Baptist. In 1990, the contemporary church was opened, becoming one of Botta’s most important works. 
The daring building made from alternating layers of native Peccia marble and Maggia Valley granite was extremely controversial, but eventually became a landmark that is known far beyond the borders of Switzerland. The church does not have any windows. The inside, which seats around 15 people, is only illuminated by natural light streaming in through the glass roof.  

Why is it a power spot? 

The new church and the altar inside are located on the same spot as an earlier church and have strong energetic vibrations. The interplay between the forms and contrasts of the different materials make this a unique spiritual experience.

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Ascona-Locarno Turismo
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Ascona-Locarno Turismo
Via Vallemaggia 10
6670 Avegno
Phone  +41 (0)91 759 77 26
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