The ViaJura leads through the Birs and Schüss valleys from Basel via Delsberg to Biel. It runs over historically valuable sections, including the legend-steeped Glögglifelspass, the exposed Mont Raimeux and the Pierre Pertuis Roman rock arch.


The ViaJura leads through the valleys of the Birs and the Schüss from Basel via Delsberg to Biel. The route is marked by wide basin landscapes, narrow, rocky ravines and scenic views from the Jura heights. At numerous points it runs over historically valuable sections; highlights are the Glögglifelspass at the entrance to the Laufental valley, the spectacular pass over Mont Raimeux and the famous Roman arch of Pierre Pertuis.

The route lets you follow all eras from Roman times to the present day. From medieval times it provided the main artery for the Prince-Bishopric of Basel. Later on it took numerous travellers through the splendours of the Jura mountains. Today it lets us discover the cultural wealth and scenic beauty of the region.

The Pierre Pertuis rock arch with its ancient inscription, evidence of the renovation of the Roman Jura transversal route around 200 AD. Its history is more tangible here than in almost any other place. As a mark of Roman times, the arch fascinated artists of the Romantic period and is still symbolic of the entire region.

An enjoyable tour includes the careful planning of the same. Please inform yourself in advance at the local information center about the route and weather conditions. Depending on the season and weather conditions, this route may be blocked or interrupted

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Start location
One way
4200 m
4100 m
130 km
Multiday route
7 days
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Elevation profile
4200Meter ascents
4100Meter descents
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Along Water, Through a gorge, With panoramic view
Signalisation in both directions
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No. 80
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130 km


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