The Swiss are friendly!


The Swiss are unfriendly and unapproachable in their interaction with expats.
This is the damning verdict of a global study. We believe that nothing could be further from the truth and conducted our own research to prove our case. We met with James, Aurélien, Nina and Alejandro and asked them what they thought of the Swiss – and Switzerland itself.

James from England

Someone once told James that the best way to make friends in Switzerland was to join a club. On hearing this, he immediately became a member of a cowbell ringing club – and you can’t get more traditional than that!

Aurélien from France

My friends are your friends. Aurélien took this motto to heart when establishing his circle of friends – and discovered a love for open-water swimming in Switzerland in the process.

Nina from the Netherlands

Nina’s natural curiosity helped her to establish friendships with the Swiss. One thing led to another and she is now passionate about the mountains, seeking out new adventures with her road bike, skis and hiking boots.

Alejandro from Mexico

Anything is possible in Switzerland. Alejandro adopted this motto as his own and now represents our country in the surf world championships.