Sustainable travel by public transport

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Hands down, the most sustainable way of travelling in Switzerland is by public transport. Riding a panoramic train, hopping on a scenic bus route, or embarking on a lake cruise is not only inspiring and memorable. These experiences are also kind to the environment as they increasingly run on energy from renewable sources.


Climate-relevant pioneering spirit in public transportation for everyone to enjoy.

Switzerland’s first lake steamer back in the 19th century, Europe’s first cableway, and the world’s longest railway tunnel – these are just a few of the feats of engineering that have already contributed to Switzerland’s role as a pioneer in public transportation. The drive to accomplish such pioneering feats has remained – whether on rails, in the air, on the water or on the roads. And the fact that innovative projects in these times of global warming focus on climate-relevant factors makes them doubly important.

Be inspired by our selection of environmentally friendly public transport options that operate all year round.

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