Castle fun. Turn your meeting into an adventure.



Schloss Hünigen in Konolfingen lies a stone’s throw from the Emmental and is anything but a traditional meeting hotel. Hold meetings under chandeliers, stroll around the rose garden or learn to yodel under aged trees.

Schloss Hünigen.

The boutique castle lies in the heart of the Kiesen Valley and can be reached from Bern and Thun in around 20 minutes.


Bern Region
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A place of inspiration.


A special place to relax.

The 4.3-hectare castle park with its rippling stream, rustling leaves and enchanting fragrances wafting from 3,500 rose bushes is a romantic oasis – a mere 20 minutes from Bern by car.

Workshop leader Gabi Grossbacher. Where modern life and ancient tradition meet.

Yodelling is just as demanding as working – you have to try your hand at new things and leave your comfort zone.
Gabi Grossenbacher

Facts Yodelling

Yodelling was originally a way that people communicated from one alp to the next. Natural yodelling evolved in mountainous and inaccessible regions as a means of making contact over long distances and as a signal between herders that it was time to bring in the cows. From the 19th century, yodelling was developed into songs in Switzerland, giving rise to the establishment of yodelling choirs.

Meetings in a world of contrasts.

Guests can offset a day of concentration spent in historical meeting rooms with relaxing activities such as yodelling in the hotel’s extensive grounds.