Medical wellness. The best medicine: nature.



Invisible but widespread: burnout. Stress-related burnout illnesses are treated at the highest level in Switzerland. Using climbing therapy. Nature plays a key role in the healing process at 1,450 metres at the renowned Clinica Holistica in the Lower Engadin.

Clinica Holistica Engiadina

The clinic is located in the midst of a pristine mountainscape in Susch and is specialised in the holistic treatment of stress-related illnesses.


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Climb to recharge the batteries.


Flying high.

Clinica Holistica Engiadina is the only fully specialised burnout clinic in Switzerland, is located in the Lower Engadin and offers state-of-the-art climbing therapy. Secured ascents are an excellent way of encouraging patients to overcome their fears and gain self-confidence.

Ardez, Klettergarten

The mountain guides.

Senior consultant Dr Michael Pfaff has developed the therapy in collaboration with sports therapist Josiane Daguati and specialist psychologist Andrea Gartmann. They are convinced that therapists are a bit like mountain guides. 

Ardez, Klettergarten
Climbing is meditation in movement.
Josiane Daguati, sports therapist

Teamwork for body and soul.

The programme is customised together with the therapist to each patient’s personal needsIt is aimed at striking the best possible balance between the patient’s own strengthsand the goalFor safety reasons, the first therapy sessions are held in the hall. It is feasible, though, for participants to go climbing with private guides in the mountains at a later stage.

It is not about climbing peaks, but taking action.
Dr Michael Pfaff
Ardez, Klettergarten