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2019 – to celebrate its 30th anniversary, the hotel Der Teufelhof Basel has unveiled new art rooms. The Dieter Meier Room remains intact: its story is just as curious as that of Der Teufelhof itself.

Der Teufelhof Basel, Basel

The popular art and culture hotel with its own theatre, restaurants and wine cellar is situated in the heart of Basel’s old town. 

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Spend the night in style. Where hospitality and an art collection come together.


“Association of the Masters of Nothingness”

 He is president and sole member of the «“Association of the Masters of Nothingness”: Dieter Meier, musician, conceptual artist, gourmet and jack-of-all-trades has the stage for a branch of this association in Der Teufelhof – tongue in cheek of course. The cosy, liveable work of art, reminiscent of the Mediterranean, showcases memorabilia from his works, interspersed with amusing snippets of food for thought about the “idleness of existence”.

It is wonderfully typical of Der Teufelhof to allow the room to remain as it is, even though the art rooms are generally redesigned every three to four years. The next change is planned for 2019: on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, Der Teufelhof has invited the artists of its most frequently booked rooms of the last three decades to a creative reunion. «“Although it hurts every time we dismantle old art rooms, we are remaining faithful to the spirit of those who founded the hotel,” says manager and owner Raphael Wyniger. 

The “Association of the Masters of Nothingness” is outside the realms of those foundations that reduce life to a means to an end.
Dieter Meier, President of the “Association of the Masters of Nothingness”.
20 years ago, Raphael Wyniger worked in Der Teufelhof as a waiter and fell in love with a colleague. The couple are now the owners of the art hotel.
Art makes even the impossible possible.
Raphael Wyniger, Director and owner.
  • 1080 – 1100 A treasure is hidden in the depths of Der Teufelhof that has no equal in Basel or in Switzerland. The front section towards the city moat (enemy front) of the first city wall, known as the Burkhardschen Stadtmauer, having been completed under bishop Burkhard von Fenis around 1080 – 1100.
  • 1200 – 1250 The other side of the room consists of a rough, exposed wall: the reverse of the newer Inner City Wall (1200 – 1250). 
  • 1989 The art and guest house Der Teufelhof Basel opened in 1989. 
This complex cultural cosmos in the listed building of Der Teufelhof brings together satirical theatre, top cuisine and a brewery.