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40 Results found
40 Results found
  • Pavilion sculpture by Max Bill

    The Swiss artist Max Bill created this walk-in "Pavilion Sculpture" in 1983, which may be viewed on its prime position on the Bahnhofstrasse. The stone sculpture, with its pillars, arches and plinths, is certainly one of the best-known works by the late Max Bill.
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  • Würth Sculpture Park

    The sculpture park at the Forum Würth Chur forms part of the impressive Würth art collection, which has over 16,000 exhibits. The park is home to notable sculptures by international artists as a complement to the special exhibitions hosted in the main company building.
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  • Place des Nations

    The impressive Place des Nations is Geneva’s contribution to world peace. At the heart of international Geneva, this agora provides a forum for global citizens to challenge public opinion and diplomats.
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  • Grossmünster

    The Grossmünster is an Evangelical Protestant church in the Old Town of Zurich, and is one of Zurich's most famous landmarks. Construction of this Romanesque church was begun in 1100 and it has since been rebuilt and renovated several times.
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  • Art in the City

    Basel is famous for its museums and art exhibitions, but a stroll through the streets will also reveal artworks and objects that enrich the cityscape. Works by Richard Serra, Jonathan Borofsky, Jean Tinguely and Pablo Picasso are just a few examples.
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  • Das wehrhafte Handwerk

    The dominant elements of this iron sculpture by Bernhard Luginbühl are its blade-like shape and shield-like plate supported by three pillars. The artist’s work was inspired by Thun Castle and its collection of weapons.
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  • Baden-Wettingen-Neuenhof Culture Trail

    The Baden-Wettingen-Neuenhof Culture Trail was built in 1991 and runs along both banks of the Limmat River. There are more than 20 sculptures along this path from the wooden bridge between Wettingen and Neuenhof to the wooden bridge in Baden.
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  • Culture Windows Schaffhausen

    In 2001, when the Canton of Schaffhausen celebrated the 500-year anniversary of its accession to the Confederation, the project Kulturfenster was founded by UBS Schaffhausen in collaboration with the town and canton.
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  • City Lounge - Red Square

    The first public lounge in Switzerland spreads out in the St. Galler Bleichi district in the open air. It is covered in red rubber granulate and is lit by artistic lighting elements. The "city lounge" by artist Pipilotti Rist and architect Carlos Martinez invites you to relax and marvel.
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  • Art in public places

    Switzerland’s largest outdoor living room is the Stadtlounge (“City Lounge”), a project that converted the Bleicheli district into a day/night space for play, relaxation and business.
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  • Sheep Piece by Henry Moore

    The lakeside promenade at Zürichhorn is home to one of the typical works by the English sculptor Henry Moore. Since the time of the Moore exhibition in Zurich in 1976 this abstract bronze sculpture "Sheep Piece" has been admired as a public work of art.
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  • On the trail of Erwin Schatzmann

    Visitors encounter works by the Winterthur sculptor Erwin Schatzmann throughout the city. His style is easily recognised; his creations can be found in public spaces as well as private gardens.
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  • Stadtspielwerk

    Winterthur is a city of engines, locomotives, and engineers. The Stadtspielwerk is an 11-metre high iron sculpture that incorporates this tradition and renders it tangible through contemporary art.
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  • Broken Chair

    This monumental sculpture (12 metres high) was installed in the Place des Nations in August 1997, and is an appeal from the humanitarian organisation Handicap International, urging all nations to sign the Ottowa treaty (for the banning of landmines) immediately.
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  • Enea Tree Museum

    Just a stone’s throw away from upper Lake Zurich, the 75,000 square-meter park of the tree museum welcomes you to stroll, see and enjoy. It’s here that the landscape architect Enzo Enea brought his passion to life: In an open-air museum with over 50 trees lovingly nurtured together with a feel for space and nature’s natural works of art. Since 2013 the exhibits include contemporary sculptures of well-known artists. These works of art create a subtle dialogue with the gardens and broaden the overall allure of Enea’s landscape design concept. The current exhibition includes sculptures by Jaume Plensa, Barry Flanagan, Richard Erdman, Jörg Immendorff.
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  • Louis Chevrolet Monument

    In honor of Louis Chevrolet, the automobile pioneer born in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the largest chrome steel bust in Switzerland stands here. The spectacular image depicts an abstract portrait of the speed merchant and inventor.
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  • Framework of Borders

    The "Gerüst der Grenzen" (framework of borders) along with the letters CHURCHURCHUR (at the subway) and the Three Fountains (on the station square) form part of Christoph Rütimann’s art in a public space project at Chur Station.
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  • Villa Wenkenhof

    With its charming French gardens and English park with sculptures by Richard Serra – both of which can be enjoyed on Sundays – Villa Wenkenhof is Basel’s answer to Versailles in miniature.
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  • Meret Oppenheim Tower Fountain

    Whoever wishes to view the Oppenheim Tower Fountain in all its glory should return to the Waisenhausplatz in Bern more than once. The fountain, resembling an overgrown tower, is in fact the almost magical artwork of surrealist Meret Oppenheim - that in keeping with the seasons, switches from a green-clad moss dress in summer to a blanket of ice in winter.
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  • Art en Ville

    A city tour with a difference: more than 70 public artworks reveal the creative side of Lausanne, from the concrete sculpture on the lawn and the joyful fountain to the imaginative subway.
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  • Tadashi Kawamata

    Between 1996 and 1999, Tadashi Kawamata from Japan created a passage through the city in collaboration with the Kunsthaus Zug. Five interventions form a trail that leads from the Kunsthaus through the Old Town and along the lake promenade to the nature reserve.
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  • The Reformation Wall

    Built into the old city walls of Geneva, the Reformation Wall overlooks the Parc des Bastions. Just a stone’s throw from the magnificent Place de Neuve in an exceptionally beautiful setting, the major figures of the Protestant Reformation are depicted as giant statues and bas-reliefs.
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  • Zug Railroad Station

    With its spacious entry, light-filled hall and bright façade, the Zug Railroad Station is the city’s shining visiting card. It is also a major transport hub for Central Switzerland.
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  • Eingriff (intervention) Eric Hattan (1993)

    This orange tube wends its way in an untamed and slightly playful manner from the river along the gap between the Governor’s Castle and the new buildings and up to the Lägernfels rock. It forms an unexpected line that draws glances from all directions.
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