Snowshoe trails

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161 Results found
161 Results found
  • Schwarzenegg Trail

    You will discover some sporting slopes during a tour of Flügespitz’s west side. The challenge is worth it: First you will be presented with the unspoilt winter landscape. And you will be rewarded above with an impressive view of the Säntis and the Churfirsten peaks.
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  • Parcours de Pra Cornet

    This trail takes you on a journey through an enchanted forest and stunning scenery in the woods of Pra-Cornet. Don’t be surprised if you meet one or two elves or other sculptures along the way. The final highlight is the Pra-Cornet plateau offering stunning views of the surrounding peaks.
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  • Kiental Trail

    A real hidden gem of the idyllic mountain landscape of the Kandertal valley. Absolute hightlight: the Tschingellake with its 300m width and 800m length, which was created in 1972 during a stormy night.
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  • Wandflue Trail

    Snowshoe hikers on the Untergrenchenberg can expect to be greeted by a splendid panorama with the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau summits at its centre.
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  • Fähnerenspitz-Rundtrail

    This circular tour for experienced snowshoe enthusiasts leads you over the dreamy Bachers holiday village on Fähnerenspitz, one of the most beautiful vantage points in the Appenzellerland.
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  • Bergünerstein-Schneeschuhtrail

    Snowshoe hike on the ski training slope at Bergün and on to the Bergünerstein, which once impeded travel from Filisur to Bergün. The route back goes by the edge of the forest with views of the railway village of Bergün, the Val Tuors and the Albula.
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  • Parcours Le Noirmont–Les Bois

    A magnificent path through the Franches-Montagnes between the villages of Le Noirmont and Les Bois. It’s a discovery of the region's marvellous nature. It is composed of pasturelands, pine tree forests and a succession of inviting and typically named hamlets, home to the former houses of artisan watchmakers.
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  • Eggberge–Ruogig Trail

    From Eggbergen, an alpine terrace below Rophaien and Schön Chulm, snowshoers can trek through delightful scenery towards Hüenderegg.The reward awaiting them there is a tremendous view of the Urner mountain scenery.
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  • Parcours Le Brand–La Berra

    Do you fancy an energetic walk with a unique view? This route takes you through forests and clearings to the Cousimbert. The view from the Cousimbert alone is worth the walk.
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  • Bonistock Trail

    The train from Melchsee-Frutt to Bonistock is full of wonders. Firstly there is the view across to Mount Titlis and the Obwalden peaks, then the idyllic magic of two lakes – Tannensee and Melchsee.
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  • Parcours Montsoflo–Les Fornis

    This family walk is suitable for all and takes you to Montsoflo aux Fornis, where you can savour the panoramic view over the Lac de la Gruyère, bordered by the slopes of the Gibloux and then across the plateau to the Jura chain.
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  • Aettenberg Trail

    This energetic walk leaves the car park in Gypsera and leads to the Alpage du Stoss refuge via the Ättenberg, before heading steeply downhill to Zollhaus.
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  • Wetterhorn Trail

    It doesn’t always have to be about the Eiger mountain: At the foot of Wetterhorn, this trail winds through snowy meadows and forests towards the Grosse Scheidegg pass.
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  • Hoher Hirschberg Trail

    This tour through the snowy hills of the Appenzeller countryside is particularly suitable for beginners and snowshoe enthusiasts who want to take things easy. The ascent is rewarded with circular views, which stretch right to the peaks of the Vorarlberg.
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  • Parcours des Tenasses

    Les Pléiades marks the beginning of the Pre-alps, overlooking Lake Geneva and the towns and villages of the Vaud Riviera. The Tenasses trail, ideal for families, is a chance to discover some of the natural riches of this area, such as the Tenasses Nature Park.
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  • Obererbs Trail

    The snowshoe hike to Obererbs is a perfect way to get back to nature, far from the bustle of everyday life. Pass through woodlands and meadows, always surrounded by mighty Glarus peaks like the Hausstock, Vorab and Tschingelhörner.
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  • Schwarzenbühl-Panoramatrail

    The Gantrisch Range, the memorable panorama of Nature Park Gantrisch’s highest range of mountains, also leaves a lasting impression during the winter months. The trail through the bright pine forest to the Pfyffe offers beautiful views of the Bernese and Freiburg foothills of the Alps.
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  • Parcours des Fers

    A lovely climb through forests and meadows to the Restaurant des Fers, affording stunning views of the surrounding peaks, the best known including Le Mont d’Or, Pic Chaussy and the whole Les Diablerets mountain range.
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  • Schneeschuhtrail Obertrübsee

    Can there be a more wonderful feeling than leaving traces in the fresh powder snow as you wander up hill and down dale, through tranquil forests? High above Engelberg, the Obertrübsee Snowshoe Trail awaits nature-loving ramblers and ambitious athletes alike.
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  • Andermatt Trail

    The Andermatt snowshoe trail runs via Mettlen to the snow-covered Unteralp. The crowning glory of this circular tour: the view from the Mariahilf Chapel over the village of Andermatt at the foot of the Oberalp Pass.
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  • Panell in Rheinwald

    From the historic pass village of Splügen, the trail initially follows the tracks of pack-drivers of old, over the Panell down to Sufner See. Admire the Sufnerberge, where Heidi, featuring famous Swiss actor Bruno Ganz, was filmed in 2015.
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  • Cheibehorn-Rundtrail

    This circular tour of medium difficulty with start and end point at Chrindli offers a varied hike through the Stockhorn region. Hike up instead of just around the Cheibenhorn peak and you will be rewarded with magnificent views of the Alpine summits.
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  • Hochalp Trail

    The Hochalp peak in the Appenzell region is a popular tourist destination, affording splendid views of the snow-covered hills and Mount Säntis.
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  • Iffigfall Trail

    Lenkersee, Iffigbach and, as climax, the Iffigfall – water is the trump card on this snowshoe hike. From Lenk, the trail goes in the direction of the frozen natural phenomenon under the eyes of the mighty Wildstrubel.
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  • Oberbach Trail

    This richly contrasting trail runs alongside the river Jogne, revealing a magnificent view over the impressive ridge of the Gastlosen chain.
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  • Waldhüttli-Schneeschuhtrail

    This trail takes hikers from a bustling winter sports resort to total seclusion in no time at all. At the highest point on the tour lies a hidden gem: the cosy Waldhüttli mountain pub.
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  • Wildhaus–Gamplüt Trail

    On the sunny side of Wildhaus – with a spectacular view to the Churfirsten – this round trip leads from Wildhaus up to the high plateau of Gamplüt and the Alp Fros on the foothills of Schafberg at Wildhaus.
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  • Forest Trail

    An idyllic hike through a beautiful forest of arolla pines and larches. The walk takes you to Findeln, where there are breathtaking views of the Matterhorn.
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  • Guggeli-Schneeschuhtrail

    This circular route is especially popular with beginners and snowshoe hiking enthusiasts. Discover the sunny side of Muotathal in the southern part of the village and, if you like, make a detour to a spiritual site.
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  • Turren–Schönbüel Trail

    Can there be a more wonderful feeling than leaving traces in the fresh powder snow as you wander up hill and down dale, through tranquil forests? High above Engelberg, the Obertrübsee Snowshoe Trail awaits nature-loving ramblers and ambitious athletes alike.
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  • Percorso Cioss Prato

    This educational nature path winds its way through age-old larch woods, exploring the wonderfully unspoilt Bedretto Valley, an enchanting area that is perfect for snowshoe excursions and ski mountaineering. What’s more, when in Cioss Prato: don’t miss out on a visit to the mineral cave.
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  • Cavaglia Trail

    There is an easy snowshoe-hike through the virgin snow of the Cavaglia alpine plateau that is only accessible by rail in winter. Ideal for a family outing, it traces the paths trod by hardy railway pioneers and the builders of the first electrical utilities.
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  • Lombachalp Trail

    Through one of Switzerland’s largest moorland areas and an unspoilt landscape, surrounded by the Hohgant and Augstmatthorn peaks. In the distance the summits of Mount Niesen and the famous Bernese Oberland peak trio Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.
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