Winter hiking

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146 Results found
146 Results found
  • Winterwanderweg Justistal

    Alongside the Grönbach stream in the secluded Justital valley, past the site of the famous ‘Chästeilete’, or annual cheese sharing. Between steep mountain flanks further into the valley, from where it is plain to see how the Sichelpass (Sichel = sickle or crescent) got its name.
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  • Sparenmoos-Winterwanderweg

    This hike affords beautiful views into the Simmental and the Saanenland, western Bernese Oberland and the Vaud Alps. Equally as pleasing are the delightful meadows and quiet, clear pine forests on this peaceful plateau.
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  • Bergün-Sonnenweg

    A winter hiking route on the sunny hillside at Bergün. Take a gentle walk through snow-covered forests to the hamlet of Latsch, where the Heidi films were shot, and enjoy the views into the Albula Valley and of the striking Bergünerstöcke peaks.
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  • Naraus-Panoramaweg

    This hike covers an altitude difference of several hundred metres on a constant downward slope, with treeless and shaded sections that pass by numerous vantage points. Another bonus: mountain inns can be found at regular intervals along the way.
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  • St.-Moritz-Maloja-Seenweg

    The region of Engadin St. Moritz owes much of its world-famous beauty to its unique lake plateau. And there is certainly something particularly poetic about a winter hike across these three frozen lakes.
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  • Grottenweg

    Engelberg’s Grotto Trail leads to the «End of the World». This high-altitude path takes walkers through a snowy landscape with views of Engelberg, past the famous «seven springs», and on to the Lourdes grotto and Horbis.
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  • Morteratsch-Winterwanderweg

    A short trail through thousands of years of the Earth’s history. The Morteratsch Glacier Trail takes hikers along an easy path directly to the glacier tongue of the third longest glacier in the eastern Alps. An educational trail provides information on this receding glacier.
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  • Senda Alp da Munt–Alp Champatsch

    Bathed in sunshine the panoramic high route leads through the isolated and snow-clad landscape above the Val Müstair. Highlights: Alp Champatsch, whose original buildings now stand in the Swiss Open-Air Museum in Ballenberg, and the little village of Lü, claimed to be the darkest place in Switzerland.
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  • Chemin Le Noirmont–Le Creux-des-Biches

    This winter hike connecting Le Noirmont railway station to Creux-des-Biches railway station is an idyllic walk among the pine trees of the Franches-Montagnes. It's a relatively flat trail that connects one railway station to another.
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  • Chemin Col des Etroits–La Gittaz-Dessous

    This walk to the village of Gittaz-Dessous is suited to all abilities. Starting from the Col des Etroits, it’s a chance to recharge your batteries in the heart of the mountain pastures, surrounded by the exceptional wildlife of the peaceful and secret Mont-des-Cerfs.
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  • Rundweg Aeschi–Aeschiried

    This winter hiking trail takes you to the most scenic lookout points around Aeschi. Several benches invite you to linger and admire the views. The ever-changing views of the Frutigtal valley, Mount Niesen, Lake Thun and the peaks above the fog line are without equal.
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  • Chemin Isenau–Col du Pillon

    The winter walk between Isenau and the Col du Pillon offers spectacular views of the Les Diablerets mountains and the peaks surrounding Les Diablerets and passes by Lake Retaud situated in a basin on the south side of the Palette and frozen in winter.
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  • Winterwanderweg Gais

    Outsmarting the fog: This easy hike takes you from the village of Gais, awarded with the Wakker Prize, to the Stoss Pass and back again, along sunny slopes that offer a magnificent view of the Rhine Valley.
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  • Sentiero Pian Cales

    A beautiful hike with views over the resort of San Bernardino and the surrounding mountains. Our constant companion on our journey over an idyllic alpine pasture and the ski slopes of Pian Cales: the Piz Uccello, the landmark of San Bernardino.
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  • Realp-Tiefenbach-Weg

    The James Bond film, Goldfinger, shot in 1964, made this area a part of film history because of all the narrow curves on the Furka Pass road. And this is the very road on which this winter hiking trail runs from Realp to Tiefenbach.
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  • Ibergeregg-Rundweg

    A scenic winter walk in the Mythen Region leading through the unspoilt landscape of a protected moorland. This easy to moderate route takes you through snowy pre-alpine surroundings without any major differences in altitude but with spectacular views of the Mythen mountains.
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  • Rothenthurm-Winterwanderweg

    On this winter hiking trail, you can escape the fog and enjoy the mystical mood in the open landscape of the upland moor, the largest in Switzerland. It lies in a high valley where the Biber river flows in its natural bed.
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  • Klewenalp-Ängi-Weg

    The winter sports destinations of Klewenalp and Stockhütte offer a wide range of highlights away from the ski pistes, too: one of these is the romantic winter trail hrough Ängi Valley with a superb view over Lake Lucerne.
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  • Oeschinensee-Rundweg

    A fairytale like winter wonderland, combined with a thick layer of ice and steep rock faces. Winterhiking at the Oeschinensee impresses with all elements that winter offers.
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  • Senda Alp Trida–Alp Bella

    From desolate Alp Trida to beautiful Alp Bella; this winter hiking route, with its amazing views, leads into the midst of the Samnaun/Ischgl Silvretta Arena. Hikers will be rewarded with wonderful views of Piz Mundin, Muttler and the Ötztaler Alps.
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  • Chemin de La Sagne

    Located at the heart of the Jura mountains, this easy trek in the valley of La Sagne runs with little heigh difference from North-East to South-West. Typical of the Jura are the immense pine trees scattered over the fields dotted with herds of cows and horses.
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  • Prodalp-Panüöl-Weg

    The winter hiking from Prodalp to the Alp Panüöl offers a spectacular view to Sarganserland and Spitzmeilen. The sunny height with guaranteed snow is comfortably reached by chairlift.
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  • Winterwanderweg Thalkirch

    This route at the far end of the Safien Valley leads through a pine forest and past the Wanna compensating reservoir, Walser houses and Alpine huts to «z’Hinderst». Hikers are surrounded by restful silence and, if they’re quiet enough, they can watch deer, chamois or even ibexes along the way.
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  • Fiesch-Fieschertal-Weg

    This hike is perfect for fans of winter forest hikes. The view of Fiesch can be enjoyed at every stage of the walk. From the Aletsch Zoo, the two-hour winter hike leads through the alder forest on a slight hill parallel to the Wysswasser glacier creek to Fieschertal.
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  • Sentiero Airolo–Pesciüm

    The winter hiking trail between Airolo and Pesciüm, overlooking the majestic massif of the St. Gotthard, offers a privileged point of view to enjoy the scenic landscapes of the heart of the Swiss Alps.
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  • Bergalga-Winterwanderweg

    Short hikes in the treeless Avers high valley above Andeer offer one thing above all else: silence. With the cross-country trails and ski slopes far behind, the only distractions are snow-covered mountain peaks like the Gletscherhorn or Wengahorn.
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  • Zermatt-Sunnegga-Weg

    Head out from the centre of Zermatt on your own steam, make it past the tree line and up into the sunlight – that's the idea behind the trail up to Sunnegga. Once you've climbed to the top, you’ll be rewarded with a glorious view of the Matterhorn.
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  • Chemin La Givrine–Le Vermeilley

    This winter walk between La Givrine and Le Vermeilley involves a gentle climb affording beautiful views of the forest in the heart of the Parc Jura Vaudois and a panoramic vista of Mont Blanc.
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  • Nühusweidli-Winterwanderweg

    The winter hiking trail at Stoos offers a leisurely alternative for those who want to escape the bustle of winter sports and find peace in the mountains of Central Switzerland.
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  • Sedrun-Disentis-Weg

    This popular winter hike on the sunny side of the valley follows the railway line until Disentis. Impressive sights along the way include a view of the village below and the three peaks of the Piz Muraun, Piz Cazirauns and Piz Caschleglia in the distance.
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  • La-Plaiv-Winterwanderweg

    What space. What light. What joy! The La Plaiv winter hiking trail is one of the most beautiful trails in the Engadin. Your gaze wanders across the wide open valley as the Inn river rushes past and skiers weave their way down the slopes above Zuoz.
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  • Grüsch-Danusa-Panoramaweg

    The panorama winter hiking trail with impressive views into the Rhine valley, to the Prättigau and the Bündner Dolomites is on the plateau in the middle of the family friendly ski area Grüsch-Danusa.
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