Winter hiking

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146 Results found
146 Results found
  • Winterwanderweg Marbachegg–Bumbach

    No desire for strenuous ascents? The hiking trail for this winter is a real insider tip for you, then: it is sunny and perfect for all those who prefer a short, not very demanding tour. Hiking downhill almost consistenly takes you even past the cantonal border between Berne and Lucerne.
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  • Munggä-Hüttä-Weg

    The Tschingelhörner, the famous “Martin’s Hole” and the Tectonic Arena Sardona UNESCO World Heritage Site at a glance – experience all this on the Munggä-Hüttä-Weg winter hike.
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  • Jaunpass-Bäderegg-Weg

    You are in for a wild experience: With the Wildstrubel massif and the wild spikes of Gastlosen in view, the winter hiking trail leads to Bäderegg through snowy meadows over the vast pass landscape.
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  • Chemin Col du Mollendruz–Vernant

    Starting from Col du Mollendruz, the link between the Lake Geneva basin and Lake Joux, this walking route offers spectacular views of the plain and the Alps. With its figure-of-eight configuration, you can opt to walk all or half of the route.
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  • Höhenweg Tgantieni

    A lot of sunshine and even more panoramic views: On the mountain path, the winter hikers enjoy a wonderful view of the surrounding mountain peaks and the frozen lake Heidsee.
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  • Rundweg Heiligenschwendi

    Romantic winter hiking trail high above Lake Thun, leading past the cantonal recuperation clinic and through glittering winter forests. Enjoy expansive views of the Bernese Alps above the fog line.
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  • Rofna-Lantsch-Weg

    This cozy round trip takes you to the most beautiful corners of Lantsch/Lenz: from the Biathlon Arena to the Lenzer forest and the ski lift. Marvellous views into Oberhalbstein and onto Heinzenberg await you in Rofna.
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  • Tannalp-Winterwanderweg

    The winter hiking trail from the car-free upland plateau of Melchsee-Frutt to Tannalp passes through glittering winter landscapes. There are two picturesque chapels and lakes along the wayside.
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  • Discover a dream-like winter landscape high above Lake Lucerne. The panorama from Klewenalp to the mountains of Central Switzerland is one of the most imposing in the whole region.
  • Muntatsch-Segnas-Weg

    A sunny winter walk with views of Disentis, going across open fields and through the little village of Segnas with its lovingly preserved Walser houses.
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  • Simplonpass-Weg

    Experiencing the pristine landscape of the Simplon Pass on foot and in the winter. The historic Alpine crossing to Italy offers an attractive loop walk starting at the top of the pass. The H-shaped Barralhaus, the Old Hostel and, most of all, the magnificent views of the Bernese Alps are beyond compare.
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  • Schönboden-Weg

    This circular hike on the sunny pastures of the former mountain pass and trading village of Filisur passes scenic Schönboden and takes you via forests to the ruins of Greifenstein Castle from which the Graubünden nobility once dominated the region.
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  • Chemin Les Mosses–La Lécherette

    Nestled between Pays-d’Enhaut, Gruyère and the Riviera, the magical resort of Col des Mosses in the Vaud Alps benefits from an exceptional setting. Developed on an area of marshland, called “la Mosse” by the people of Ormont, this relaxing, magical walk is an invitation to linger.
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  • Tannenboden-Seebenalp-Weg

    The winter hiking path to Seebenalp offers a fantastic view to Churfirsten and Walensee. At the destination three mountain lakes lined by fir trees form a mystical scenery.
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  • Tschappina-Winterwanderweg

    The Tschappinerrunde – a winter hike on the Heinzenberg in Beverin Nature Park, offering a stunning mountainscape. Undulating gently, this hike leads to the Patrutgsee with wonderful views into the distant Albulatal.
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  • Sentiero di Campo Blenio

    The Campo Blenio path, a circular trail which is not particularly difficult, is ideal for a good walk in the winter landscape of the sun-drenched Blenio Valley, the ideal location typically chosen by those who wish to spend a snowy day with their families.
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  • Bargis-Rundweg

    A dream for families and leisure hikers: this easy circuit just under three kilometres long crosses the quiet, car-free plateau of Bargis, following the Aua da Mulins stream amid the resplendent mountain scenery.
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  • Wispile-Gsteig-Winterwanderweg

    With the Horneggli, Eggli and Wasserngrat in view, this panoramic route takes you over meadows and past idyllic sections of forest from the Wispile down to the historic village of Gsteig at the foot of the Col du Pillon.
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  • Nussbüel-Wanderung

    A family favourite in Braunwald: this easy and enjoyable hike runs through the enchanted forests of the Glarus mountain village with no challenging inclines.
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  • Wildhaus-Gamplüt-Weg

    On the sunny side of Wildhaus – with spectacular view to the Churfirsten – this circular tour leads form Wildhaus over the high plateau Gamplüt to Alp Fros and back again.
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  • Engelstock-Rundweg

    A revolving gondola, a foot suspension bridge and a spectacular view of the Schwyz basin, the surrounding mountains and lakes – the Engelstock Circuit Trail offers a leisurely hike full of variety.
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  • Grütschalp-Mürren-Weg

    Panoramic hiking high above the rugged Lauterbrunnen valley, with fantastic views over the world-famous mountain trio of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The path ascends gently through light mountain forest and over meadows.
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  • Senda d'unviern Triel

    Wander through the snowy landscape of the Val Lumnezia on well-groomed winter hiking trails: with the Piz Terri always in view, the route runs past the Davos Munts bathing lake and up to the Triel lookout point. On the way back, hikers pass over pretty, snow-covered mountain pastures.
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  • Vorder-Höhi-Weg

    This winter hike leads from the Arvenbüel through magical winter landscapes to the Vorder Höhi. It always offers impressive panoramic views: over the Toggenburg, the Alpstein, the Churfirsten and the Leistkamm.
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  • Edelweiss-Rundweg

    The classic for the whole family: on the way up to the Edelweisshütte, a view all the way to the Dreibündenstein is in store for adults while Brambi the squirrel is there for children on Chur’s home mountain, the Brambrüesch.
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  • Kemmeriboden-Salwideli-Winterwanderweg

    On the right the rugged Schrattenfluh, on the left the Brienzer Rothorn range – your constant companions on this winter hike. This trail leaves from Kemmeriboden-Bad following the burgeoning Emme and then the Bärselbach to Salwideli.
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  • Chemin Cry d’Er–Crans

    After reaching Cry d’Er by cable car, this downhill hike takes you to the centre of Crans. The highlights of this hike are undeniably the omnipresent fantastic view and the sunny terraces along the way.
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  • Seerundweg Schwarzsee

    Surrounded by limestone mountains with sheer faces, the route encircles the romantic Schwarzsee. When the layer of ice is thick enough, you are officially permitted to venture onto the lake. A unique experience for winter walkers!
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  • Rotenflue-Rundweg

    It's always an experience: the might of the Grosser Mythen and the view down to the Schwyz basin and the cantonal capital with its scattered settlements. On the other side, at the far end of the Alptal, you can imagine the ski jumpers of Einsiedeln flying through the air on the horizon.
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  • St.-Antönien-Pany-Weg

    This is probably the most famous and popular winter hiking trail in the entire Prättigau. This wonderful scenic route connects the small villages of St. Antönien and Pany.
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