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33 Results found
33 Results found
  • Visit of the Swiss radio television studio

    Every year almost 10'000 people discover the backstage of the Swiss Radio Television. If you too wish to understand how the Swiss media is working then book a visit of the radio in Lausanne or the television in Geneva.
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  • Tour d'Esturgeon

    We have to thank just one species of fish for caviar, the so-called «black gold»: the sturgeon, which has lived in the waters of our northern hemisphere for over 250 million years.
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  • Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research

    The Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research Weissfluhjoch/Davos reports ..." During the winter months this report is broadcast daily on the radio and television or published in newspapers, on the Internet or by telephone. Approximately half a million enquiries and phone calls are registered every winter.
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  • Visit the University of Lugano

    The University of Lugano (Università della Svizzera italiana-USI) was founded in 1996. USI, as the only Italian-speaking university outside Italy, promotes and preserves the culture of Italian Switzerland in the Swiss academia, and serves as a cultural bridge to Italy, especially thanks to its tight collaborations with the main universities of Lombardy (Northern Italy).
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  • Flag throwing – Tradition and flair

    The remarkable calmness that radiates from a Flag thrower as they effortlessly swirl their fluttering flags through the air belies the technical training of a professional Flag thrower, who has mastered 99 different ‘swings’, with both their left and right hands, whilst making it all look so incredibly easy...
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  • Flag Throwing

    Flag twirling is one of the oldest national sports of Switzerland. Like wrestling or yodeling, this art is presented primarily at traditional festivals.
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  • Experience the magic of the KKL Lucerne

    KKL Luzern is a centre of sheer inspiration. A place where outstanding concerts come together with exquisite food and drink plus charming service to offer an overall experience to savour. There remains a fascination for the work of French architect Jean Nouvel – with over 500 events and more than half a million visitors per year underlining the great appeal of the venue.
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  • Mask carving in the Lötschental

    Follow in the footsteps of the Tschäggättä and create your own Lötschental mask! On request, groups can carve their own masks in the carving workshop in Ferden under expert instruction.
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  • Hornussen

    The team initiating this game beats the Hornuss, called "Nouss" (“Nut”) with sticks as far as possible into the opponents’ field. With a “shingle” attached to a long stick, held upright or thrown high, the opposing team has to stop the Nouss (arriving at a speed of 150km/h) as soon as possible, and at the latest before it hits the ground.
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  • Textilland Ostschweiz

    World-renowned celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Michelle Obama bear witness to eastern Switzerland’s quality textile enterprises. And products range from finest Haute Couture to architecture.
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  • Headquarters of the UN in Europe

    The office of the United Nations in Geneva is the European headquarters of the UN, the other headquarters being in New York. The building complex, called the Palais des Nations, houses the UN Human Rights Council as well as the UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights, among other agencies.
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  • The Ricola Herb Gardens

    Ricola has six herbal show gardens in Switzerland. They are located in Nenzlingen (BL), on Trogberg mountain (SO), in Kandersteg (BE), Zermatt (VS) and Pontresina (GR). Here, visitors can learn about our blend of 13 herbs in their natural environment and find out more about the cultivation and power of these herbs.
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  • CERN

    Discover the largest particle physics laboratory in the World. There are many options to visit this giant of science. Two permanent exhibitions, guided tours and a cycle route engage you in the discovery of particle physics.
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  • Experience the ski jumps

    The high valley of Einsiedeln located in the heart of Central Switzerland is characterised by moors and Lake Sihl, the biggest reservoir in Switzerland in terms of area. The winter sports region of Hoch Ybrig is just a few kilometres away.
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  • Classic Swiss specialities tour

    The Emmental valley, in the heart of Switzerland, has always produced culinary masterpieces that are enjoyed all around the world, even by the most discerning gourmet connoisseurs. The family-run company Kambly in Trubschachen is steeped in tradition and has been making fine biscuits for 110 years – including the classic Kambly Bretzeli. And the nearby Emmentaler showcase cheese dairy in Affoltern produces Emmentaler AOP cheese, which is famous the world over. The "Discover classic Swiss specialities with all your senses" tour now allows groups to visit the places where these world-famous, traditional specialities are made. They are given unique insight into the production processes and can sample the food themselves.
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