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78 Results found
78 Results found
  • Kunst Museum Winterthur | Reinhart am Stadtgarten

    Since 1951, this former grammar school located next to the city park has housed some 600 paintings and drawings by Swiss, German and Austrian artists. This varied collection of works was brought together by Winterthur art lover Oskar Reinhart.
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  • Oberhofen Castle - Living Museum and Park

    Oberhofen Castle with its medieval keep and lake tower is located on the shore of Lake Thun. The castle, which dates back to the early 13th century, houses a living museum. The large castle park is supposed to be one of the most magnificent in the region of the Alps.
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  • La Rambertia Alpine Garden

    On the peak dominating the Rochers de Naye valley, this high-altitude botanical garden with magnificently laid-out rock gardens has a rich collection of specially-cultivated plants, in addition to its reserve containing over 600 varieties of native plant life.
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  • City Park

    This elegant city park with its majestic trees, carefully placed sculptures and beautifully cultivated flowers acts as a green lung in the centre of the city.
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  • Oskar Reinhart Collection

    A jewel of the Swiss museum scene is located in an elevated position above Winterthur: one of the most distinguished private collections of the 20th century awaits you in a villa hidden away behind old trees in an idyllic garden.
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  • Thurauen nature center

    The gateway to the largest floodplain in Central Switzerland, the Thurauen between Eggrank and the mouth of the River Thur. But it’s not size alone that makes this a unique area, instead the diverse flora and fauna and revitalization in addition.
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  • Parco San Grato

    Located between Monte San Salvatore and Monte Arbostora at an altitude of just under 700 metres, the botanical gardens are a mecca for park visitors and plant lovers – particularly in April and May, when the azaleas and rhododendrons form a fragrant carpet.
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  • Munot Rose Garden Schaffhausen

    Rosengarten, the rose garden, is situated next to the entrance of the Munot Fortress and covers an area of about 2,000 sq.m. In 1981 the town nursery together with the Swiss association of rose lovers designed it in the French Renaissance garden-style.
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  • Parc des Bastions

    Situated next to the Place de Neuve, the Parc des Bastions is a bubble of nature in the city centre. Along its promenade lined with trees, this park is home to some of the finest monuments in the city. It also has several life-size chess sets.
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  • Schadau Park

    Feed the ducks on the shores of Lake Thun or read and rest on a bench in the sun. Or take a walk along the paths leading through the woods, along the avenue and across the meadows that are so inviting to sunbathers in the summer (although there is no direct access to the water).
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  • Parc Vernex

    The Vernex Park is set on the shores of Lake Geneva next to the Auditorium Stravinsky and offers walkers a green area along the extension of the flourishing quays of the Montreux Riviera. Each July, one of the stages for the Montreux Jazz Festival is set up in this park.
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  • Botanical Garden Neuchâtel

    In the valley of Ermitage on the Neuchâtel hills, a stone's throw from the Centre Dürrenmatt and the Sentier du Temps. A place to relax and learn about the environment. 
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  • Fontana Park

    Fontana Park is set in the heart of Chur. It is the perfect place to escape the bustle of the city, to enjoy the atmosphere, or to read a book.
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  • Bäumli

    The Bäumli is Winterthur's most popular vantage point. On the terrace above the hillside vineyards of the Goldenberg you can enjoy the view over the entire city and a fantastic view of the Alps.
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  • Villa Langmatt Park

    Villa Langmatt Park is a total work of art and is the perfect refuge for a romantic picnic. Order, in advance, a basket of gourmet delicacies including the traditional Spanischbrödli.
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  • Schützenweiher

    The perfect destination for the whole family. This amusement park on the northern outskirts of the city is popular with young and old.
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  • Bern Bear Park

    The Bern bear pit is an attraction that is known far beyond the borders of Switzerland. Since 2009 the bears of Bern also have a modern 6,000 square meters park at their disposal - which they can reach via a tunnel.
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  • Château de Prangins

    The Château de Prangins was built in the 18th century by Louis Guiguer, a Swiss banker living in Paris, and has hosted illustrious guests from Voltaire to Joseph Bonaparte.Overlooking Lake Geneva, this beautiful listed building is home to the Swiss National Museum.
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  • Guggi

    The Guggi is a distinctive lookout point offering a unique view of Zug’s Old Town with its four defence towers, the castle, the steeple of the Gothic Church of St. Oswald, the Zytturm clock tower as well as the government building by the lake.
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  • Parco Civico-Ciani

    Located on the shores of Lake Lugano, this 63,000 square metre park constitutes the city’s green lung. Here you can recover from the hustle and bustle of the city as you walk along paths lined by magnificent centuries-old trees.
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  • Signal de Bougy: Pré Vert Park

    The 110-hectare "Parc Pré Vert du Signal de Bougy" is also ideal for relaxing in verdant surroundings. The location above Lake Geneva between Lausanne and Geneva is perfect for enjoying a hiatus from the daily grind.
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