Animal Farms

15 Results found

15 Results found
15 Results found
  • A stint as a sheep shearer

    Experience the sight of some 160 sheep being given a short back and sides – and help give it to them, if you like, if only to find out what sheep’s wool feels like when it’s still on the sheep.
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  • Falconry Galina

    A professional falconer and his raptors offer a unique air show in Malbun that makes childrens’ eyes sparkle. You can’t get any closer to an eagle, a falcon, a goshawk, or an owl than here.
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  • Donkey Farm

    Donkey Farm Säge boasts five donkeys, a young family and some small animals. Memorable encounters between animals and humans are an everyday occurrence on this farm and turn into unforgettable memories.
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  • Falconry

    Live an exciting experience in the world of birds of prey, take a close look at the flight of eagles, hawks, owls and vultures in an environment that respects their natural habitat. As the birds circle overhead in the arena, the falconer tells the history of this ancient art.
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  • Juckerhof

    The adventure farm, Jucker Farm Inc. offers an oasis of relaxation with a wonderful view of Lake Pfäffiker and the mountains. Various attactions enable visitors to experience agriculture up close.
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  • Living in Glarus like Heidi's Alpöhi

    The Alp is in the midst of Europe's oldest game reserve. It is the habitat of many Alpine animals. Get to know life on an Alp. Driving cattle, milking cows, and much more. Sleep in a fragrant hay bed, the Alpine farmer will provide for your basic material comforts.
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  • Bison Ranch

    An exotic experience, almost the same as zipping across the Atlantic: what you see here is in fact a splendid herd of American bison!
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  • KOI – Fish feeding

    The Gasthof Koi-Gartenteich has a great deal to offer: a restaurant with delicious seasonal cuisine, a beutiful guest garden which is ideal to enjoy light meals and tasty sweets. The rooms are newly renovated, the whole place is ideal for family parties up to 100 guests.
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  • Alpe Rotingen - Where the cattle battles

    The largest herd of Eringer cattle in Upper Valais grazes every summer in the magnificent mountain world of Alpe Rotingen. Traveling there is an idyllic nature experience, and it is also a spectacle when the battling cows determine their hierarchy.
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