Thermal baths

23 Results found

23 Results found
23 Results found
  • 7132 Therme

    Architects and architecture enthusiasts from all over the world travel to this small village in the small Graubuenden valley. For an extraordinary architect has built a spa resort there, of pure stone, greenish in color, weighing tons. And by the way, the «7132 Therme» in Vals also happens to be a wellness temple.
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  • Sole uno wellness world

    Swim like you're in the Mediterranean - float like you're in the Dead Sea - relax like you're in the Orient - enjoy a sauna like you're in Finland or Siberia.
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  • Tamina spa

    The spa in Bad Ragaz has been well known since the early Middle Ages and is still considered the most plenteous aquatic spa in Europe. Switch off and recharge your batteries.
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  • Leukerbad Thermal Spa

    Ten pools with various water attractions at Europe’s largest Alpine Thermal Spa invite visitors to relax in the thermal water. Thermal bathing is fun for young and old!
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  • Wellness and the City

    Discover the delights of Zurich’s new Thermal Baths & Spa – from the pools down in hundred-year-old vaults all the way up to the rooftop baths.
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  • Bad Alvaneu

    In the Albula Valley one can experience Europe’s second largest sulfur springs while enjoying the panoramic view of the mountains.
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  • Bogn Engiadina

    There are more than twenty mineral springs in and around Scuol. Ten of these are currently in use and supply both Scuol’s drinking cures and carbonated mineral baths as well as the Engadine Bad Scuol. Steam baths at various temperatures combined with the hot dry air of a sauna conspire to make this a real highlight.
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  • Thermal Baths & Spa Zurich

    Bathe between the century-old vaulted stone walls of the former Hürlimann brewery in Berginnern and then enjoy beautiful views of Zurich’s skyline from our outdoor rooftop thermal pool.
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  • Thermal Spa Brigerbad

    In the open-air thermal baths of Brigerbad each guest finds a suitable offer. Europe’s longest alpine thermal waterslide beckons to children and adventure seekers.
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  • Yverdon-les-Bains Thermal Spa

    In its magnificent setting between the lake and the Jura, the Thermal Spa is a place where all visitors can relax in the peaceful environment. The mild climate, the benefits of thermal sulphurous waters and the high-quality facilities of the Spa are its main assets.
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  • The Val d’Illiez Thermes Parc

    This peaceful village is nestled at the foot of the majestic Dents du Midi Mountains (3'257 m) and in the heart of the Val d'Illiez valley. In winter as in summer the bathers admire the imposing mountain world.
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  • Mineral Baths & Spa Rigi-Kaltbad

    The first visitors bathed in the salubrious springs on Mt. Rigi 600 years ago. Since July 2012 the bathing tradition has been restored to new life in the Mineral Baths & Spa Rigi-Kaltbad.
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  • Bains de Lavey Thermal Spa

    Lavey has one of Switzerland’s hottest thermal springs. The thermal water gushes at 69°C out of the spring. Bathers enjoy the salubrious effects of thermal water in the spas of Lavey.
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