The impressive winegrowing village of Hallau, with its beautifully maintained appearance, is nestled among the extensive vineyards of Klettgau, which the locals often refer to as “Weinfass und Kornkammer” (“Wine cask and granary").

The well-known winegrowing village of Hallau lies north of the Rhine in the canton of Schaffhausen, nestled amid the extensive vineyards, fields and forests of Klettgau, a fertile plain between Hochrhein and Schwarzwald.

Stately houses, gurgling fountains and idyllic laneways and squares give this pretty locality its very special charm. One particularly striking feature is the village's main street with its grand town hall, inviting inns and numerous fountains, which almost resembles a street from a small town.

Viticulture and wine are omnipresent in and around the village. With 150 hectares, Hallau is home to the largest continuous area of vineyards in German-speaking Switzerland. Behind the village, the vineyard terraces widen into a kind of arena, at the centre of which the famous late Goth mountain church of St Moritz sits resplendent. Built in 1491 and dedicated to Saint Mauritius, the church is a symbol of both Hallau and Klettgau. Located on a promontory of Hallauerberg mountain, the church towers above the village, visible from afar and highly sought-after as a “wedding church”.

ISOS is the Federal Inventory of Swiss Heritage Sites of national importance. The inventory is maintained by the Federal Office of Culture (FOC) and lists the most significant settlements in Switzerland. Today, some 1,200 places are included in the inventory, from hamlets right through to cities. The inventory provides information on the development and identity of the settlements listed in it, thereby contributing to the preservation of architectural diversity in Switzerland and promoting both sustainable planning and a high-quality Baukultur.



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  • Hallau is positioned in the middle of the sunny Klettgau region and is a winegrowing village of German-speaking Switzerland that is simply steeped in tradition. Its landmark is the mountain church, dedicated to St Moritz, which can be seen from a distance.

    - numerous wine festivals
    - vineyard tours by horse-drawn carriage
    - visit to the Schaffhauser Weinbaumuseum or the village's local museum museum
    - cellar tour with tasting session
    - tasting sessions in Hallau wine shop
    - visit to the sight glass-blowing workshop


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