Giovanni Segantini was almost certainly sitting in the garden of the Palazzo Salis when he claimed that Soglio was "the gateway to paradise". Soglio is an enchanting village of 300 souls in the Bergell region, also famous for its flowers. What could be more romantic?

Soglio is nestled on a sunny mountain terrace, and in the foreground on a hillside you will find the Church of St. Lorenzo. To this day the church is Soglio’s acclaimed landmark. The narrow cobblestone lanes are steeped in history. Even in prehistoric times there were settlements in Soglio, and the name of the town is already found in documents dated as early as the year 1219.

Two giant sequoia trees, a baroque rose garden and a Mediterranean feel - the Palazzo Salis has it all, and much more. Peace and quite, regional delicacies and a part in the history of the Bregaglia - this wonderful hotel won "Historic Hotel of the Year, 1998".


The ski area of Aela is easy to reach and is ideal for families, beginners and nature lovers who enjoy cross-country tours and winter hikes with or without snowshoes. In Soglio there is always a little more sunshine than elsewhere - according to the locals.


Guests can discover Soglio and its interesting history on their own or on a village tour. A day tour through the Val da Cam to Soglio is highly recommended for hiking enthusiasts. The guests must overcome 1,000 vertical meters, and then hike along the Bergell trail (2,100 meters above sea level) to Soglio. Quite beguiling is also the journey on foot from Casaccia on the “Panoramica” trail (5 hours) or a walk through the largest chestnut forest in the Alps.


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