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  • Zentrum Paul Klee

    The Zentrum Paul Klee, which opened in 2005, is dedicated to the person, life and work of Paul Klee (1879–1940). It houses the worldwide largest collection of Klee's works. Paul Klee is regarded as one of the 20th century's most important artists.
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  • Centre for Photography

    Photographs are representative of reality – or of alternatives to reality. See the world through a lens at the Fotomuseum in Winterthur. A unique European centre of excellence for photographic art has been established, thanks to collaboration with the Fotostiftung Schweiz.
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  • Museum Tinguely

    The Museum Tinguely houses the world’s largest collection of art by Jean Tinguely, famous for his moving mechanical sculptures. Interactive exhibitions explore his influences, the work of his contemporaries and the latest trends.
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  • Group tours at the Museum im Lagerhaus

    St. Gallen has so much to offer when it comes to museums. Attractive, internationally renowned exhibitions and countless historic collections make for a diverse museum landscape. The Museum im Lagerhaus is particularly worth a visit.
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  • Swiss Children's Museum

    The Swiss Children's Museum is a lively meeting place for exchange between cultures and generations, and of interest to both young and old. Children and adults look, marvel, experiment, play and create together.
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  • Museum of Music Boxes and Automatons

    The clockmaker Antoine Favre-Salomon, a native of Geneva, invented a musical pocket watch in 1796. Since then he is considered to be the inventor of the music box, and Sainte-Croix became the world capital of mechanical music. Music automatons are still produced here.
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  • Lenzburg Castle – for Knights and Dragons

    Once upon a time a dragon lived on the hill. It was slain by two noble knights, Wolfram and Guntram, who henceforth were allowed to live on Dragon Mountain. Legend has it that this is how Lenzburg Castle, one of the most important hilltop castles in Switzerland, came to be.
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  • Tropical House Frutigen

    Discover the green paradise. At the foot of the Bernese High Alps lies a paradise waiting to be discovered: Tropenhaus Frutigen. Mountain water, fish farming and a tropical garden - a harmonious trio under one roof with three times the appeal, as well as an innovative energy concept. All of this and more at Tropenhaus Frutigen.
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  • Museum Baud

    The BAUD Museum is a paradise for lovers of mechanical musical instruments. The unique collection was created by a family of enthusiasts whose passion has also been their craft and profession for three generations.
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  • Taxidermist

    To gaze into a tiger’s eyes, without being attacked? A taxidermist in Vicques, which lies in the Jura, facilitates this fascinating encounter between man and animal.
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  • Regional Surselva Museum - Living History

    Experience and explore a museum. On five floors you can see what life was like in Surselva in earlier times and how people worked in the olden days. A special museum tour for children encourages touching and trying out antique objects. How does one work with hammer and anvil? How does the sausage machine work? How does the Geisshorn sound?
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  • Basel Toy World Museum

    Over 2500 teddy bears, dolls, doll houses, little old shops and carousels: And it’s not only children’s eyes that light up on viewing objects in the Basel toy world museum. Here the lovingly exhibited pieces from all over the world touch the hearts of adults as well. By the way, this museum is a prime example of a building furnished to make people with disabilities feel at home thanks to easy access all over.
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  • Graubünden Natural History Museum

    The Graubünden Museum of Nature with its extensive exhibits on 4 floors provides a fascinating insight into the flora, fauna and geology of the canton of Graubünden. Modern special exhibitions furnish an indepth insight into contemporary nature-based topics.
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  • The Puppet Kingdom

    A small house in the old Auge quarter of Fribourg houses puppets, theatre and dance masks and ancient and contemporary Chinese and Indian shadow-theatres. This is the Swiss Puppet Museum.
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  • Toy Museum

    The exquisite toy museum in the Biedermeierhaus «Zum Engel», only a few minutes walk from Thun Castle, is a doorway into another world – a child’s world from bygone days.
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  • Take your pick at the Basel Paper Mill

    As one of the few museums in Europe dedicated to this art form, the paper mill preserves historical techniques at an authentic site. Participants are shown these traditional techniques and given the opportunity to have a go at making paper and printing themselves.
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  • Vindonissa

    Vindonissa, located in what is today called Windisch, was an important Roman legion's camp. The ruins of the camp are open for viewing. The monastery church of Königsfelden, which is well known for its unique glass windows (that date back to the 14th century), is located in the middle of these ruins.
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  • Espace Ballon Château-d'Oex

    The Espace Ballon explores all the aspects of the whole hot air ballooning adventure. Visitors learn everything about the surprising and poetic world of ballooning, from its history to technical aspects, from the most memorable moments to the most unbelievable records.
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  • Glacier Garden and Lion's Monument

    In the City of Lucerne, three different sights worth seeing are next-door neighbors: the world-famous Lion's Monument, the Glacier Garden, which has a large mountain relief dating to the 18th century, and the mirror labyrinth "Alhambra" with its 90 mirrors.
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  • Tram-Museum Zurich

    It’s just like Zurich to boast Switzerland’s only tram museum. The historic Depot Burgwies is home to the collection, up to twenty original cars, the eldest dating back to 1897. It also features an exhibit on the development and workings of the Zurich tram.
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