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403 Results found
403 Results found
  • Kunstmuseum Basel

    The Kunstmuseum Basel was recently enhanced by a new building, bringing the total to three. Contemporary art is shown in the Kunstmuseum Basel | Gegenwart, about five minutes’ walk from the main building.
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  • Art and History Museum

    At the heart of the charming medieval old town of Fribourg - just a few steps from the Espace Jean Tinguely / Niki de Saint-Phalle - the museum of art and history invites you on diverse journeys of discovery. And very few people know that the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire houses the largest collection of sculptures of Switzerland.
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  • Fondation Beyeler

    Year after year, people flock to Riehen from near and far to immerse in the art world of Hildy and Ernst Beyeler. They come to view the collection of works from classical modernism or one of the sensational exhibitions. However, the building designed by Renzo Piano and its park is worth the journey too.
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  • Kunstmuseum Bern

    The collections of the capital city’s fine arts museum, the Kunstmuseum Bern, are among the finest in the country. The innovative venue also offers a creative forum for exploring current trends in art as well as the changing world around us.
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  • Musée de l’Elysée - Museum of Photography

    The internationally renowned 
Musée de l’Elysée is one of Europe’s leading museums devoted entirely to photography. The building that houses it is exceptionally photogenic: an 18th-century villa with views of Lake Geneva.
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  • Zentrum Paul Klee

    The Zentrum Paul Klee, which opened in 2005, is dedicated to the person, life and work of Paul Klee (1879–1940). It houses the worldwide largest collection of Klee's works. Paul Klee is regarded as one of the 20th century's most important artists.
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  • Museum für Gestaltung Zürich (Museum for Design)

    Four collections – Poster, Design, Graphics and Applied Art – encompass more than 500,000 objects 
at the Museum für Gestaltung. Switzerland’s foremost museum of design and visual communication
is also one of the leading institutions in Europe, known for its fascinating temporary exhibitions.
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  • Museum Tinguely

    The Museum Tinguely houses the world’s largest collection of art by Jean Tinguely, famous for his moving mechanical sculptures. Interactive exhibitions explore his influences, the work of his contemporaries and the latest trends.
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  • Kunsthaus Zürich

    The Kunsthaus Zürich boasts Zurich’s largest collection of modern art and is renowned both for its permanent art collection and its temporary exhibitions. In addition to works by Alberto Giacometti there are also significant pictures by Picasso, Monet and Chagall as well as numerous contemporary Swiss artists.
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  • MAMCO and the «Nuit des Bains»

    The Mamco, Geneva’s Musée d’art moderne et contemporain is original in every way. Since it opened in 1994, Switzerland’s major contemporary art museum has operated a dynamic display policy.
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  • Centre for Photography

    Photos are representations of reality - or of alternatives to reality. The photo museum in Winterthur is showcasing the world through a lens. A unique European center of excellence for photographic art has been established, thanks to collaboration with the Swiss Photo Foundation.
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  • Tourism museum for the Jungfrau region

    The regional museum dedicated to tourism presents on three floors the development of travel for pleasure and breaks in the Jungfrau region. Opened in 1980, the museum of tourism in Interlaken is the first and only museum of its kind comprehensively and exclusively dedicated to the history of tourism.
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  • Bernisches Historisches Museum – Einstein Museum

    The "Bernisches Historisches Museum" (The Berne Historical Museum) is one of Switzerland's most important cultural and historical museums and hosts a general historical collection containing approximately 500,000 objects as well as the Einstein Museum.
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  • Switzerland's Museum of Transportation

    Switzerland’s most visited museum showcases the past, present and future of mobility with interactive and varied exhibits. In addition to the museum, unique attractions found nowhere else in Switzerland, such as the film theatre, planetarium, Swiss Chocolate Adventure and Media World, are just waiting to be discovered.
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  • Riehen Toy Museum

    A visit to the toy museum in Riehen is an unforgettable experience for toy lovers. The museum houses European toys from the 19th and early 20th centuries.
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  • Technorama – Swiss Science Center

    A scientific learning centre like no other in Europe - with more than 500 experiment stations. Touch, play and understand – no matter how young (or young at heart) you are or how much you know about science, art and technology. Visitors to Technorama can expand their knowledge of physics, technology, technological art and perception.
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  • Eco-Museum Simplon — a landscape museum

    The concept of Eco-Museum Simplon is based on the idea of viewing living space holistically and showcasing the interaction between humankind and the environment. With this the Eco-Museum departs in spirit from what its ancient and venerable walls represent.
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  • Pile Dwellings around the Alps

    The series of “Prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps“ comprises a selection of 111 of the almost 1,000 known archaeological pile dwelling stations in the six countries surrounding the Alps. (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Slovenia). Of these, 56 are discovered in Switzerland.
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  • The Swiss Customs Museum

    Smuggling, drug enforcement, financial crime, migration, precious metal control, species and cultural asset protection – visitors to the Customs Museum gain an insight into the everyday work of border guards and customs officers in Switzerland, from the foundation of the Confederation in 1848 to the present day.
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  • Urban Golf Downtown Fribourg

    A 9 or 18 holes golf course which guides you through the fascinating old town of Fribourg. Combine sport and fun and discover the history of one of the most beautiful medieval towns of Switzerland.
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  • La Maison du Gruyère AOP

    Le Gruyère AOP cheese is produced in ample quantities. 29'000 tons of the hard cheese are made annually. It bears the registered trademark AOP (indicating its origin). There is a modern show dairy that produces Le Gruyère AOP cheese, the "La Maison du Gruyère".
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  • Warehouse art

    This unusual museum is dedicated to fostering and promoting an interest and understanding of the different areas of outsider art and employs a range of exhibitions to set exciting accents.
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  • Blonay-Chamby - Oldest Museum Railway

    To travel by steam locomotive, in historic railway carriages through the landscape - you can do this between Blonay and Chamby. The museum railway offers train pleasures extraordinaire and the largest collection of operable meter gauge rolling stock in Switzerland.
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  • Schloss Arenenberg - journey 600 years into the past with headphones

    The Napoleon Museum on the Arenenberg has yet another attraction. From now on, visitors are able to immerse in the past as a radio play and audio guide invite them on an authentic garden experience. Come along and take a lordly stroll - such as those taken by the council in the era of noble lords.
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  • Swiss chocolate factory Maestrani

    Come in and experience the fascinating world of chocolate in the Chocolarium of Maestrani, the only chocolate factory in Switzerland that lets you see the cornerstone of production and tells you why chocolate means happiness.
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  • Musical Instrument Collection Willisau

    Two collections are on display in the former printing press rooms of the Willisauer Boten (“Willisau Messenger”). One can now view the music instruments of the Patt Collection as well as the Heinrich Schumacher museum exhibits.
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  • Museum Lindwurm

    On an over 1500-meter area in the Lindwurm Museum, at the heart of Stein am Rhein’s Old Town, visitors experience close-up views of how respected families lived and made a living way back in 1850.
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